I'm very hungry but I can't eat

I have to go in for an IVP tomorrow.

That means I had toast for breakfast around 8a, but nothing except water and beef or chicken bullion to eat until after my test tomorrow.

I’m very hungry.

Really, what can one scoop of peanut butter hurt?

No, I will be strong. And right after the IVP I’m going to get a big ol’ sausage biscuit from McDonald’s. Maybe some hash browns and pancakes too.

(I’m still having kidney stones, so I have to have an IVP before I go see the urologist.)

Thing is, I think I’ve had an IVP before, and I didn’t have to do all this. I went to see the doctor for middle back pain, thinking I was going to get some muscle relaxants, the next think I know, I’m at the hospital with an IV trickling some dye into my arm so they could light up my kidneys.

I have to go drink some more water to temporarily fill up my tummy, and then at four, I get to drink some soda solution that’s supposed to clean out the works.

Oh, joy.

Trickling? When I got my IVP they grabbed one of those big mega syringes rammed a whole load of the stuff it all into my arm through a needle about the size of a straw. Then they reloaded it three more times and shoved it all in. I think they used more than a quart of the shit.(thats probably what I get for being a big guy).

Did they give you the clean out kit? That stuff is powerful, my ass did an impression of the damn break in Superman.

Yes, Wolfman I had to buy the Fleet Prep Kit. I’m starting to get a headache from hunger. This is very tiresome.

I don’t remember a big huge needle the first time, but I’m going to ask why I have to be “cleansed” if I didn’t have to be “cleansed” before. I remember them asking if I was allergic to shellfish, and getting a warm feeling in the nether regions.

You can do IVP’s without prep. They are considered emergency and you don’t get as good of a study. We do them all the time from the ER, if a person might be taken to surgery or admitted. However, if they schedule the test and it’s done as an outpatient they want the best test possible and you are put throught the joys of colyte or fleet. Good luck tomorrow!!!

Well, lucky I read the enclosed literature, because it warned me to stay “close to toilet facilities” after I drank the soda stuff.

I think my stomach is calming down now…unfortunately, I had to miss my daughter singing at church because I was rushing to the bathroom every fifteen minutes.

Plus there are a lot of commercials on tv about grocery stores, and restaurants, and the lovely beef you can get at Winn Dixie, and delivery pizza…

I am SO going to pig out after my test tomorrow.

Good luck, Ivylass. In the meantime, I’ll be happy to eat enough yummy stuff for both of us this evenin’ !!! :smiley:

(Whattya mean, haven’t I had enough for one meal?? I’m eatin’ for two here, Buster !!! )

Yow. I feel your pain. Before I had my appendix out a year and a half ago, I had to go hungry for several hours. My mom made it worse by bringing my dad food in front of me (he was staying in the emergency room with me). I finally got to eat in the morning, but the hospital food was scary. Well, good luck, and treat yourself to a feast afterwards!

Hi, Ivyglass! Welcome to the fasting today club! I’m not clear on what your IVP is, but I am clear on the procedure I’m getting tomorrow–colonoscopy. I’ve had only a can of chicken broth and a glass of gatorade today to eat and lots of water. Oh, also two bottles of the Fleet phospho-prep. Just thinking about it makes me feel nauseated and gives me the shivers. Very vile, nasty stuff to have to drink.
I had my first colonoscopy 3 years ago, and when they called to schedule me for another one–they removed a couple of polyps, so I have to return after 3 instead of 5 years–I remember thinking, ‘my, how time flies.’ And I’m only 39, so think of how many more wonderful procedures I will have inflicted on me over the coming years. Well, it’s better than dying, I suppose.

I bought a big steak, potatoes, and spinach to eat tomorrow afternoon when I get out. But its going to be a long, restless night with no food all day.

Have fun.

I have a friend who had a baby a few months ago. At a week past her due date her doctor REALLY wanted to induce, so they went ahead. She was in the hospital for 27 hours before the baby was born – most of that was getting up to 6 centimeters because after that it all went very quickly. They wouldn’t let her eat for that whole time.

You should have seen her wolfing down the huge Taco Bell burritos she sent somebody to get after we all got to say our initial hellos to the baby. She was HUNGRY.

You have my sympathy. I’ve had several surgeries, and you do get awfully hungry, but what can ya do?

Well, I had the IVP. It was nothing more than fancy X-Ray pictures with an injected dye.

Then I hit McDonald’s, had a sausage biscuit, hash browns, OJ, then grabbed two more hash browns to go.

I’m still a little lightheaded…maybe I ate too fast.