Imagine the possibilities of a Doctor Who / Star Trek movie!

Let’s see how far we can develop this story. :smiley: Combining the Doctor Who and Trek universes

The Doctor needs help (as usual). Who better than the Star Ship Enterprise and her crew?

I’m thinking the Doctor would need help against the Borg. They want Gallifreyan technology. The Borg plan to travel through time assimilating everyone.

The Doctor is horrified. The Doctor bravely plans to destroy to the TARDIS and die with it. His brave companion exclaims “there must be another way!”.

The Enterprise appears from a Time Warp and hovers never the TARDIS. Which crew? What would be a great story worthy of a movie?

Which Doctor could fight The Borg?

What happens next?

I’ll start.

Well, Hello! I’m The Doctor!

There could be an interesting back story. Why did the Enterprise appear? Perhaps a temporal anomaly developed because the Borg are using Gallifreyan technology. The Doctor had failed in preventing them from acquiring it.

The Enterprise must travel through time to assist The Doctor, defeat The Borg, and save The Federation.

“Yes, we’ve met before, Gary.”

I would love to see the Capaldi Doctor dressing down Vulcans for being so smugly superior to Humans when they’re just more idiots to him.

Borg are just Cybermen who watched too much Hellraiser anyway.

Don’t need to imagine it.

I didn’t know it had already been done. I guess any Borg story has been done.

Years ago we used to do fan fiction on Usenet. Lot of people contributing ideas. Thought it might be fun here

Of course, we’d need real-life time travel to make it happen, but I’d love to see James Doohan’s Scotty interacting with Capaldi’s Doctor. For whatever reason, I feel like those two would get on quite well.

(I had a whole paragraph about how the* Trek and Who* universes would not mesh well IMO, but then I decided not to thread-shit. It’s a fun idea.:D)

I think a cross over movie would be a huge success.

They’d have the budget to unite possibly Steven Moffat, Russell T Davies, and Rick Berman to write a great script. Berman was the force behind DS9 and some of TNG.

I’m surprised it hasn’t already been done. The Doctor can travel anywhere.

I’m not sure if the Enterprise could reach his universe.

I’m a doctor, dammit, not a mechanic!

You could have a funny scene with Voyager’s ‘The Doctor’ and Doctor Who’s ‘The Doctor’.

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The Doctor could visit the events of the DS9 episode Trials and Tribble-ations.

Who needs a holodeck when you have a TARDIS?

I feel like it would basically be an episode of TNG with Q, but where Q has been forced to be good and many of his powers stripped down.

John de Lancie would make a good Doctor, if he was British.

In my opinion, it’s more likely that the Enterprise would need the Doctor’s help than the other way around.

OTOH, you could have an interesting story if they met and the Doctor was violating the Prime Directive, as far as the crew was concerned. Or if they were somehow violating a fixed point as far as he was concerned.

I bet this could be a great movie if they got the right writers.

Although I suspect that Gary would muck things up. Like bring Picard a rose instead of the blue pin-striped socks that he had asked for and then Picard would be all like, “Gary. (Silent harumph) What the fuck mate?” And Gary would be all like, “But I thought you wanted tea?” And Picard would be all like, “Gary, mmmkay Gary! Just go over there.”

And then Gary goes and stands in the corner because they don’t keep chairs in the corner in the future and then Doctor Who shambles over and is all like, “Gary, you know what I like?”

And Gary stupidface-ily is like, “Wha?”

And then the Doctor is like, “I like pudding.”