Upcoming Enterprise episode w/Borg?!

Actually, it could work…

this is how they get away with Borg stuff.

But they’re on thin ice.

Well, there goes continuity. Not like Trek ever followed it very well anyways but still…

I thought it was a show featuring tennis.

Bjorn Borg?
I’m here all week…

Dad gum diddelly yum!

I read the link thingy…

While I do like the Borg, wouldn’t want my kid to marry one, but what’s a little obsessive genocide among friends, eh?, having them on ENT is just wrong! Picard and Co knew nothing of them until Q snapped his fingers, right?


Continuity be damned! (Yeah, I heard the alternate timeline theory, but B&B hasn’t said it yet through the only only canonical medium, the shows!, so I’m not falling for that)

Might as well show the crew a Romulan or two. Have a giant Spock save his younger self, travel to the center of the of the galaxy in a few hours, kill all the whales… AAAAAAA!!!

So, having ruthlessly murdered the franchise’s continuity, the hacks behind Enterprise are now going to piss on its grave by giving us the Borg over a century before they entered the Alpha Quadrant :mad:

Maybe they can take a page from DC Comics and stage a “Crisis on Infinite Treks,” and cause the Enterprise timeline to cease to exist :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess if the crew of the Enterprise never figure out the assimilation aspect of the borg, they can just be written off in the past as some crazy experiment that went wrong, but got dealt with, and the file gets lost over time.

Of course, they’ll probably try to turn this into a circular thinking debate. These borg get away, travel to where they were in the Delta Quadrant, find the borg not there, so begin the borg, then send themselves back in time…you know, like in the Terminator. Of course, this defeats continuity once again seeing as how the borg have been around for thousands of years, but again, the writers really don’t seem to care about continuity.

Plus, wouldn’t the borg have burned up in the atmosphere? I mean, aside from being blown to bits, and all. And if they did manage to start a new little colony, wouldn’t their programing of assimilating earth keep them on the planet as opposed to IMMEDIATELY LEAVING?! I’ve seen two episodes of this show, but it makes me glad I was never a hard core fan of Trek to begin with, because I’d be REALLY pissed.

Upcoming episodes will of course show them visiting The City On The Edge Of Forever, trying to find a way to get rid of tribbles, and meeting Q for the first time. :smiley:

Dear God, it’s true…they really do assimilate everything.

Ahem…note to Star Trek scriptwriters…

[largest font in the Galaxy]THE BORG SUCK!!![/largest font in the Galaxy]

They were never any good as villains! Oh, sure, they looked mildly intimidating with their space-going Hellraiser wardrobe, and maybe they could have even* been *intimidating…if they hadn’t been so consistently rock-stupid! Okay, maybe I’ll allow that they were good for two or three episodes… but to rely on them over and over again, on what should be a character-driven show, is just pure laziness. They have no complex motivations, they have no dialogue other than catchphrases… they’re boring. The writers as much as admitted this problem when they introduced the “Borg Queen,” so why not just move on? Break some new ground! Show them that Grateful Dead poster from that one episode of TNG and let them rest in peace!

Why does this fly in the face of continuity, exactly? They’ve already established in Star Trek that you can change the past. Remember Sisko as Gabriel Bell in “Past Tense”? He changed history, as seen in “Little Green Men”.

But, the ENT people are not going into the past to change it. They ARE the past! Nothing in Holy Scripture allows for this, unless they give a damn good explanation for it.

Holy Scripture = canon

I, for one, am looking forward to a fantastic and reasonable explanation for Borg in ENT era. Could be the coolest thing ever. But, it could so totally suck that I will forced to send more gorillas after Aesiron. Do you want that on your conscience?

Uh, I still don’t see why that matters. The ENT people are in the future of the past event. So they should be part of the altered timeline.

Why not do it? They’ve already been emasculated thanks to Voyager.

But, that was people future of ENT going into their past (of which ENT is a part) to change the past in relation to them thus altering their present or ENT’s future. This is a case of ENT past and present altering the future of other Treks. But, in our past, the future of this fictional future has already been set (Canon), so ENT can’t just indiscriminately change things that would affect what has already been set in our past about what is canon in the future timeline of Trek universe which is future to ENT in the timeline already revealed to us.

(Keep up, people! I know Math Boy is following this…)

And… Trip sounds normal!

Everybody ELSE has a funny accent!





Alternate timeline, my ass. I can buy Picard and the Enterprise E screwing up Earth’s history and, by extension, the UFP’s but there’s no way in hell they can be responsible for the the smooth browed Klingons of the years prior to ST: TMP suddenly generating ridged brows.

The Borg suck. I want Gorillas.

Er, I mean Romulans.



A planet where Apes evolved from Borg?

tennis playing mechanically enhanced space monkeys!



silly, i must say…

Those space monkeys from Fight Club?

Ah, but the shows aired only depict the current timeline. That’s why Gabriel Bell did not look like Sisko in episodes that aired before “Past Tense”, but he did in episodes that aired after. (Not that they ever showed him, but I think you can agree that if they did, that’s what would have happened.) So, in order to say that continuity is violated, you have to point to an episode or some form of canon that aired after First Contact which says that the first encounter with the Borg was Stardate 42761.