IMDb search button says...?

Go to The search box is at the top of the screen.

What does it say on the button? To me it looks like…


Yeah, “Sut.”

That makes no sense to me. Can anyone explain it? Thanks.

Looks like it says “Go”, to me. Or have I the wrong button?

What the hell; how’d you get “Sut” our of “Go”?

Anywhere I could post a screen shot?

I see “go”

Try loading something on Image Shack, Photobucket etc. and posting the link. I’d be interested in seeing this.

OK, please try the above.

That is genuinely weird.

Yeah, ain’t it?!


And … you’re not alone, Aeschines. What’s your browser?

Safari for Panther.

The real experts around here might come up with something, especially those usin’ Safari. Might be some kind of coding tweak on the IMDB site that only Safari is picking up. But – hey. You are definitely not seeing things. You now know that “sut” means “go”, at least! :slight_smile:

My guess is that you are getting an international version of that button and that button only, but a) I don’t know why b) I have no idea what language would have a “Go” button that says “Sut”. Welsh?

It’s a CSS glitch

The submit control is given an id attribute with a value of “nb15go”, which is used by the stylesheet at which sets the background image to “go.gif”, the little go button that you see.

However, it also sets the background color to “transparent”, which I don’t think is standard or universal. So your browser is ignoring the whole background rule and making it look like the default appearance of a submit button.

That’s not “Sut”, it’s “Submit Query” cut off halfway through the loop of the “b”.

…and I just wasted fifteen minutes of my life trying to find a language where “Sut” would be a valid caption for a “Go” button. I should’ve seen that it was the default Apple button… :smack:

Has to mean a gold star for scotandrsn. I’d have wondered about this for ages! Brilliant answer.

It’s extremely tweaked styling. There’s got to be other ways to accomplish the same thing.

Shoot. I thought you’d press the button and it’d play The Hut Sut Song. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! That was driving me bananas for a long while. I always read it as “Sul,” though. Nothing we can do about it?

Don’t use Safari. :smiley: