Imelda Marcos and you! Shoes

As I am once again finding pairs of shoes that I have hidden from the dogs I realized I have upwards of 50 pairs of shoes. Granted, many are somewhat old, but not too many thanks to the dogs. So how many pairs of shoes do you have or need?

Two pairs, I think. Male.

female 2 pairs

I have a degenerative joint disease in my feet and wear a particular sneeker all the time as it is able to fit my orthotics and didnt cost many body parts to buy - I can get this model in regular show stores.

I’m going to kick this over to IMHO.

twickster, Cafe Society moderator

Female, 6 pairs. 2 pairs fancy (one pair I never wear), a pair of deck shoes, a pair of gym shoes, a pair of sandals, and my everyday shoes. Replace as needed. That’s all.

Need? Not that many - couple of pairs for work, in at least brown and black, casual sneakers, and workout sneakers.

Have? That is an entirely different question. I haven’t counted, but roughly 50.

With the exception of workout shoes, which need to be replaced at regular intervals, I keep shoes for a long time. My oldest pair is probably 10 years old, they were the first expensive pair of shoes I paid for all by myself, and I wear them often, so they were worth it.

Need? less than I have - I could get away with 3 - running, casual and dressy.

Have - 30ish?

I own about 20 pairs. Of those there are four pairs that are in current rotation. 2 for work, one pair of sneakers, and a slightly dressier pair for church. Most of the others are seasonal or situation specific (bowling and hiking) and come out when appropriate.

I have two pairs that were bought for specific special outfits (my wedding, and a family wedding) that so far I’ve only warn once. (I haven’t been to any such occasions since)

I could manage my life just fine with fewer, certainly. But what I have are the exact right number to fill the dedicated shoe space in my closet so they aren’t in the way. If I were to get more shoes some shoes I currently have would have to go. I’m hard to fit and value comfort over style. If something fits and looks good and is comfortable I’m likely to keep it until it can no longer be resoled, or glued together.

Leaving aside some old ratty sneakers that need to get recycled:

1pr work/casual shoes
1pr dress shoes
1pr steel-toed work boots
1pr sports sandals
1pr hiking boots
1pr winter boots (waterproof/insulated; from my college days in the midwest)
1pr old hiking boots consigned to paintball game use
1pr bike shoes (my first, vaguely considering cleats)
4prs older running shoes relegated to general walking around/hanging out usage.
1pr new running shoes (road)
2prs new trail running shoes

So that’s 15 pairs of shoes/boots there. I’ve also got a set of NeOS overboots for snowcamping.

I go through a lot of running shoes and they work their way down the ladder to casual generic sneaker use and then recycling material.

Hi, my name is Valgard and I’m a Male Shoe Whore.

Ooh, can we talk about socks next? I’m a sock evangelist - like Dr. Ruth I think everyone should be having “Good socks!” :smiley:

Female here (but rather non-traditional!)

5 pairs hiking boots
2 pairs Sorrels
1 pair Vasque winter boots
1 pair brown leather shoes
1 pair black leather shoes
1 pair leather sandles
3 pairs sneakers
1 pair x-country ski boots
1 pair steel-toes
1 pair water shoes
1 pair water sandles
and about three pairs of really ratty, dog-chewed boat shoes, shared with my honey.

So, all in all, about three pairs of “normal” shoes.

(ETA - do snowshoes count? Oh! and Bowling!)

Forgot my snowshoes as well. And my old climbing shoes.

Got a single sister by any chance? (grin)

I counted for another thread and was shocked to realize it was over 30 pairs. One set is summer and one set winter, and then there are snow boots and flip flops, but still.

I have a weakness for fun Birkenstocks.

I’m a female, and I own at least 40 pairs of shoes. At least. I bet it’s more, but I don’t feel like counting.


Need: not as many as I have!


3 pairs runners
1 pair cycling shoes (clip-ins)
1 pair skate shoes
3 pairs flip flops
3 pairs dressy flats
2 pairs dressy sandles
8 or 9 pairs various heels
2 pairs dressy boots
1 pair winter boots
1 pair hiking boots
1 pair mountaineering boots
1 pair rock climbing shoes
1 pair steel-toe shoes
1 pair ski boots

I’m a male and I have somewhere north of 40 pairs of shoes, not counting things like water-shoes, flip-flops, snowboarding boots, etc.

I like shoes.


A pair of black shoes I wear to work or the rare formal occasion.
A pair of black boots I wear to work in bad weather.
A pair of black sneakers I wear everywhere else.

Sorry - she’s a lesbian, too! :smiley:

Around 200 pairs.

Those with >30 pairs: how do you store them?

At least 200 pairs thanks to nordstrom rack.