Imgur images — how to not truncate?

I asked this in another thread, not ATMB IIRC, but I don’t recall the answer. How can I include an imgur image without it being truncated?

Example —

ETA: if truncated, just open in a new tab and post that URL

Doesn’t seem to work. I’m on an iPhone.

Just did it with my iPhone 11. I’m using the imgur app, if that makes a difference


Your URL: gallery /mSp98Wf

Yours has “gallery”.(I broke link with spaces)

Opening your URL (gallery), then opening it in a new tab:

If I open your OP on my phone (open with imgur app) then open your gallery pic in a new tab, I get a URL that works.

When I place the link on its own line, I get:


Here’s what I tried, in trying to follow your directions:

In Safari, open my OP image with imgur.
In imgur, click on share, then copy link.
In Safari, open a new tab and paste the link.

What am I missing?

To get a direct link to the image, you can’t click on Share. You have to right click (or press and hold on mobile) and then choose Copy to copy the image URL. Then paste the link as before.

It’s possible this will try to paste the image itself. In that case, past the image URL in something that can only handle text (e.g. the address bar). Then copy that and paste it into the document.

This is technically a bug, IMO. Discourse should be able to parse the share URL and get the image, and not make you have to go through this rigmarole.


Thank you @BigT !! And @kayaker !

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