IMHO Mods - you asleep or what?

I’m beginning to believe the people who say we are desensitized to violence. Obviously the Mods here were raised with “Sex and drugs on TV is BAD BAD BAD! Murder and violence is GOOD GOOD GOOD!”

Am I the only one disturbed by this? People get warned for tons of things on this board on a daily basis. But recommending strangulation, blunt-force trauma or vehicular homicide as opposed to simply disposing of murder weapons (also a felony!) in the name of writing a screenplay just seems wrong.

Maybe raisinbread has it right. I think I’ll go start some new threads:

“Help me choreograph this rape scene for my school play.”

“Art project involving double-chamber bongs…”

“Spousal abuse: a dialogue in 2 parts.”


I thought this was going to be about this here thread. Why I thought this, since this thread is in CS, I dunno.

Tomcat, out of those 3 examples, the only one that may be closed would be the bong one, in my opinion.

If that alarms you, I guess School shooters are my heros and How should I kidnap my boyfriend and The most disturbing scene in a book or a movie really ticked you off.
Plus this

is so totally not true. The mods loooooove sex be it on TV or in real life.

And yet, they keep saying I’m not qualified … I JUST DON’T GET IT!



I keep falling off.

(© Monty Python, Some time in the late sixties)

I humbly apologize for taking a nap last night-it’ll never happen again.:rolleyes:
By the way, thank you for letting us know that your “Report this post to a moderator” button is not functioning properly.

We don’t pay you to sleep Czarcasm

Oh yes, I’m sorry I didn’t hit that button. I just assumed any of you would notice a thread titled “A good way to dispose of the murder weapon?” and take action. Or are its contents and discussions not clear enough from the OP? I understand you are busy, but c’mon. Don’t try and put this off on me.

I think this makes my point even further. Have the word ‘marijuana’ in a thread and it will be policed for any minor infraction by all Mods from all forums. But discussions of murder weapons…naw, let’s just let those silly kids have their fun until someone reports a post. :rolleyes:


And I assumed that you knew how to properly report a problem to the moderators.

help me understand here. You seem to be indicating here that you assumed that a thread title alone would be sufficient to garner mod action, and you were displeased to discover that it wasn’t.

so, naturally, you went to the Pit and entitled a thread “IMHO mods- you asleep or what?” to get their attention??

and naturally, submitting a new thread etc was much easier than hitting that “report this thread to a moderator” button that appears on every post. all you had to do was click over to the pit, click on ‘new thread’, fill out the title, the post, including the link, then hit submit…
and none of this is helping manny win the mod pit thread title.


A) Thank you for taking action on it.
B) Don’t try and put this off on me. I did nothing wrong.


wring, yes in this instance, it should have garned something. My complaint is that it has been open since early yesterday and no one did anything about it when it had an especially obvious title. Read the flippin’ title- there is nothing about it that has any redeeming characteristics. You CAN judge this book by its cover here, especially considering where it was- IMHO. Hence, the asleep comment. It is completely obvious that that thread should have been closed, or at the very least looked at, by a Mod.


And neither did the moderator.

You probably mean one thing and the responders are reading something else.

Your objection, as I see it is you see those threads as a near-universally agreed breach of decorum in that forum and are surprised by blatant inaction.

Your critics see it as simply you having a personal problem with a thread. Not bothering to report it and then getting worked up about it over here in the Pit.

I suggest you reread the ToS carefully. After that, if you do come across an “infraction”, report it instead of moaning to yourself about it.

I think you’re over-reacting a little bit here, Tomasso. Most of the thread consists of members relating their favorite weapon disposal solutions from murder mysteries and thriller films.

Like the Henry Travers character said to Teresa Wright in Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt…“We’re not talking about killing people. Herb’s talking about killing me and I’m talking about killing him.”

If the OP had been in Cafe Society, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

So, I guess I’ll be seeing you down at the local Barnes & Noble, carrying a picket sign against selling Agatha Christie novels, huh?

Oh come on, everybody hates Agatha Christie, Uke. Now wake up and get me a beer.

How about Ngaio Marsh then? You southern hemisphere people all stick together, dontcha? Hey, did you read that one where she had the killer dismantle the murder weapon and then flush it down the toilet? Once it hit the sewers, it went everywhere!

DISCLAIMER: Of course, Inspector Roderick Alleyn then proceeded to bust the guy’s ass, because as we all know, Crime Does Not Pay.

Tom you misunderstood. I was commenting on the irony of you bitching (essentially) that you thought the mods should have (and didn’t) notice a thread title, and the means that you took to do so was to, well, create a thread title to attract mod’s attention.

sorta like mailing a letter to someone to complain that they’re ignorning your letters. ya know?

What Gyan9 said much more eloquently than I. Asleep -> Inaction. I didn’t call anyone an asshat or anything (well, one sarcastic remark about desensitivity to violence), I am simply surprised that it was allowed to go on as long as it did, where it did.

And Ike, it went from literary to actual recommendations of horrific acts pretty damned quick.


wring- Sorry, sometimes irony gets lost on me. That is sorta true, isn’t it? Funny that.


Hey, I’m writing a sonnet and in it, one of the people is downloading free music from the internet. For realism, what program would he be using and from where would he download it?

Hello, I’m currently choreographing a modern interpretive dance piece about one woman’s ceaseless quest to embezzle a major bank…