Important Questions About Madonna

  1. First of all, why does she call herself Madonna, when the Madonna was a virgin, etc.? Does this relate to how Catholics mix religion with sex? Would a Protestant wear a crucifix while copulating and think nothing of it because of the difference between C and P culture?
    Edvard Munch, the painter of the SCREAM painting also did a painting called MADONNA, which depicted a voluptuous naked beauty looking more like Eve. Is the answer to why he would do this the same as the answer to why Madonna would call herself Madonna?
    2) Did anybody see the opening of the Emmies the other night? I finally realized that that lady doing the deep knee bends energetically was actually Madonna, and she looked great! The question is, the video was so over the top with speed and images flashing and dancers gyrating that I assumed it was a parody. Was it supposed to be funny as well as highly skilled? (As an added question, why is it so hard to tell parody from reality nowadays? Like where I work I find a general aura of surrealistic behaviorisms–is it just me?)

Man alive! Don here’s a hint. Skip the expresso next time and just get a lemonade. Your brain will be glad you did.

Madonna is her real name. Madonna Ciccone. She was named after her mother, who had the same first name.

The Edvard Munch painting is of a woman in the throes of orgasm. It really is a complex work that intends to say a woman reaches a state approaching religious ectstasy during orgasm. Munch was excommunicated because of this painting. Hell, they should have excommunicated Bernini for the same reasons, but instead, his sculpture “Ectstasy of St. Theresa” is one of the treasured properties of the Vatican.
I guarantee you that Madonna never had such a complex thought as this ever pass through her head.

I have noticed lately that singers who dance (i.e. britney spears) tend to move like pregnant hippos, spasmodically jerking around. I don’t see how they can sing and dance like this at the same time, and it is hideously unattractive. I guess they aren’t really singing, just lip syncing. Lately I can’t decide whether they are serious or not either. If they’re SERIOUS about this sort of stuff, they don’t realize they’re making fools out of themselves.

The title of this thread is a contradiction in terms.

Here is the picture.

It obviously has erotic overtones, which is probably what got him busted, but although her expression may be “complex”, unless Munch expressly stated that this was his representational intent I don’t think your contention about her being “in the throes” is necessarily a fact or even the most likely interpretation (at least to me).

Yes, Munch explicitly said this was what the painting was about. I didn’t make this up. There is no dispute about the interpretation of Munch’s Madonna in Art Historical circles. And I studied under some really great Art Historians.

Here’s an example of currrent commentary:

“‘Madonna,’ Munch’s femme fatale, a portrait of a woman, -half saint, half life-destroying; half alive, half dead, at the moment of orgasm, but not a scene of joy- reveals
his ambivalence toward women.”

Excellent information about this painting. Now I have another question: Munch a Norwegian excommunicated? Why was he Catholic? Were there a lot of Norwegian Catholics? I thought the demonic church of the day was the Lutheran, which so many of the artists reacted against. And which Ingmar Bergman depicts in for example FANNIE AND ALEXANDER.

Well, the catholics aren’t the only ones who do excommunications. But I’ve been searching and I can’t find any information on that. Perhaps I was confusing him with another artist. Too many artists to keep track of them all from memory…

On the news all I’ve seen about the earthquake is a vibrating reporter and some ruins, but no scientific information. 1) What is 30 miles down into the earth from Seattle (where the earthquake came from)–a pair of plates moving together or something? 2) Does the vibration from an earthquake site travel around the globe and come back again and 3) is this what an aftershock is? 4) What is an epicenter? I thought epi meant around, but when they talk about the epicenter of an earthquake it sounds from the context like they just mean center.

Munch also did a lithograph of Madonna which had sperm swimming around the border. Buggered if I can find a picture of it via Google - pity 'cos it is one of my all time faves.