impure thoughts


Impure thoughts? ME? Never!
Well, except when I see Brian. Oh my God, talk about sexy. He has curly, bleached hair with dark roots (::drool::), greenish eyes and the sexiest body you could ever want. He looks like Brandon Boyd. He makes me understand how women can like butts :smiley: yummy!

Impure thoughts Mom?
Ask me when I have ever had a PURE thought?!
Not since I discovered boys and girls…
brown nipples OH YEAH!

FCM, there’s nothing wrong at all with admiring fine art. I personally enjoy the sight of a well-shaped male butt, or anything else well-shaped on a fella! So you go ahead and look till your heart’s content because there ain’t a thing impure about fine art. :wink:

Ah, yes, fine art… a work of nature in its purest form… simple yet exquisite… hmmmmm… suddenly I feel like nobles of old - a patroness of the arts!! :smiley:

“Steel Magnolias”

Gold star for Cajun Man! I think that’s my favorite line from that movie…

FairyChatMom, maybe you should use that energy with FairyChatDad ?

FairyChatDad does get his share of energy… we may be ancient, but we ain’t dead…


oh man, xizor took my line.

Impure thoughts are good, without them there wouldn’t be any reason to go on.

BTW - Guys in khaki shorts do nothing for me.

The way Lola looked when she left this morning is a completely different matter… here comes another impure thought… mmmmm!

Just a small question:
If you have an unalloyed impure thought (raw lust, no additives), does this become a pure thought? Or just a pure impure thought?

Rue, if you’re not careful, it could become a felony… not that I’m accusing or anything… Just hoping you’ll be careful, ya know?


No, no, no… all impure thought-ees are mature responsible adults. Really. (Goes back to humming Tom Jones songs.)