impure thoughts

Yes, I have 'em… sweet innocent me - who’da thunk it?

We have a young officer from the RAAF working in our group in an engineering liaison type job. As it is hot here, he’s wearing the uniform that includes khaki shorts. I happened to be walking behind him heading back to my cubicle.

Holy guacamole, what a butt!!!

I expect I’m old enough to be his mother and I’d most certainly never act on this. Still… whew…

Wonder if I need to see my Dr. about adjusting the dosage of my hormones?!? :smiley:

Let’s not be hasty, FCM!

Maybe we can put those raging hormones to good use…:wink:

Ahh… younger men. My favorite.

You don’t think I went back to college at my age for an education, did you?

Young cowboy types everywhere.

I knew it! Somebody WAS staring at my butt! :smiley:

Believe it or not, I don’t make a habit of checking out guys’ asses. But the fit of his shorts caught my eye… I am so ashamed…

OK, maybe not, but I should be! Shouldn’t I?

Should you? No! In fact you give young guys everywhere the hope that a sexy older woman is checking out their ass!

As the old saying goes, “last time I checked, I wasn’t blind, gay, or dead.”

Snickers, have I ever mentioned I have khaki shorts? Well, I do. (And AstroPunk is just teasing you. Don’t listen to anything he has to say. Embarassing thread link omitted due to good taste.)

I have impure thoughts all the time. There goes one now. (This one is recurrant.)And another one. (This is a fevered collection of 'em. And it’s not my fault.)
-Rue. (who needs a lie-down, anyone want to join me?)(Look what you’ve done to me!)

Rue, ya know I love ya more than my luggage [sub](name that movie)[/sub] but after reading your old thread, I’m having a difficult time getting worked up over the mental image of an albino potato with hair in khaki shorts… But don’t fret. You see, I love you for your mind and your wit. My love for you transcends mere physical impurity and lust. It is a spiritual love.

Umm, the aforementioned professions of love will not lead to carnal knowledge - just so you know!

::: Blushing furiously as she admits to impure thoughts about a rear-end [sub]that she shouldn’t be thinking about[/sub] on a charming guy. :::

hmmmm - impure thoughts confession… fun for all ages… wish I’d thought of that!!

This reminds me of a scene from the play Do Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? which takes place in a Catholic Jr. High School.

All the kiddies are going to confession, and all of the boys say something along the lines of “Bless me Father, for I have sinned. This week I took the Lord’s name in vain twice, I lied once, I stole 50 cents from my sister, and I had 437 impure thougts.”

I also like the part where they want to “buy a pagan baby”

Are you sure its his real butt? Maybe he is wearing some of those fancy underpants with butt enhancements? Better grab it & check to make sure.

All right, now which one of you just grabbed my ass?

FairyChatMom, you are not alone. I’ve been having VERY impure thoughts about a certain Doper…


::MsRobyn wanders off to take a cold shower::


Lately, it’s odd when I’m not having impure thoughts. And it’s only going to get worse (or better, I suppose) in the near future. :smiley:

[Placebo]…what a beautiful a-asssss![/Placebo] (from the hit single, Nancy Boy) [sub]Yeah. Like you know what that one is.[/sub]

Oh, there are too many asses that I want to grab. But I’d get slapped across the room. Anyone mind if I take my frustration out on them? :smiley:

Good news, I’ve been living the Rue DeDay Diet and I no longer look the potato. I’m more a yam now. Maybe a sweet potato. Or some other sexier root vegetable.

And with all the sun I’ve been getting, the albino deal is a thing of the past. At least for my arms and the back of my neck.

I’m a yam with a farmer’s tan.

And the chicks dig me.
-Rue. (who is, even as we speak, having an impure thought of MsRobyn in a cold shower) (Nipples are my weakness!) (And if anyone wants that for a sig, enjoy.)

Rue, when you start to look like chocolate, call me!!

FCM Been there, done that.

This conversation recently took place between myself ( married/kids/the whole ball of wax) and my friend ( married/no kids yet)

**Me: ** It’s so depressing, I am called Ma’am…(wah wah wah)

Friend: (very emphatetic) I know, just the other day the bag boy at the store called me “Ma’am” and all I could think of was, ‘Damn, I’d do you in a heart beat.’

Me: It wouldn’t be the same, you know. For us, it’s a thrill. For them, it’s a mercy screw.

By chance, we happened to go to that very store and that very same 18-19 year old guy bagged our groceries. I had to wipe the drool off my chin he was quite good looking with a hot little body.

Mercy screw or not, I can still have my fantasies.