imSynt-now for Facebook!

(I asked the mods for permission to cross-post this here. You can find a similar thread in the Marketplace Forum)

So, I’ve been working on my Android App. It’s called imSynt and turns your images into music.

Now I’ve added a new twist. You can now upload your syntlets to Faceboook. Before I release this in general, I decided to first have a couple of weeks to test it.

For that, I need people who’re willing to test the app. And I thought of the people on this board.

So, you’d be getting the full version of the app for testing purposes. You need:

  1. A device with Android on it
  2. A Facebook account

To register, I’ll ask that you post in the marketplace or in MPSIMS. I’ll get back to you with the next steps you’ll have to follow.

Video that shows how imSynt works
Free version on Google Play