In appreciation of my Phantom

Phantom is my car. I have one of the few cars that’s a guy, and he got his name because I got him in November and before I figured out who he was we had one of those Indiana fall snows where it snows at night, then the sun comes up and melts all the snow off.

I walk out to my car and the only bit of snow on him is around the headlight, just like Phantom of the Opera, I said “he looks like the phantom…that’s his name!”.

Phantom is a Saab 93 and I love him to death, and he’s been the best car I’ve ever had. I have gotten more compliments on him than I have for both my GMC Jimmy (yeah who kinda cares) and my Cadillac Catera (cool and unique enough to get some looks) combined. But the thing I like most about him is his computer.

He’s got everything up there. My gas mileage, my average speed, the date, temperature if I need it…but the best part is the Distance to Empty for when I’m driving. Tells me how long I’ve got before I need to fill up and tells me at about 19 to refuel.

One time I accidentally set off the alarm on him before I got into him and when I started the car up he told me “alarm has been activated since last startup”. Thanks Phantom! He just told me today that I needed to change the battery in my FOB…Cool! And I have my car packed to the gills right now cuz I am moving home tomorrow and he told me “passenger seat back has been dislodged” I didn’t even know that was a thing!?!

He also has heated seats and a sunroof and a cool little turbo that gives him some get-up-and-go.

So all you Lexus/Mercedes or whatever drivers might read this and say “big deal, my car does that and more!” but this is the first nice car I’ve had and his reliability (so far) and looks and everything around him is all new to me. So here’s to my Phantom! The best car ever :slight_smile:

(Also the price I paid for him and the milage he was a frigging steal ;))