In Case You Didn't Know, The Bad Astronomer Made the Paper!

The State Journal-Register of Springfield, IL, published an article about The Bad Astronomer in today’s edition. And FTR, David B wrote it. Don’t know if it’s up on the website yet…


It probably won’t be at this URL same time next week, as the URL only says “Saturday”. It’ll be in the S-J archives somewhere.

Ah, it’s good to see the SDMB Illuminati are hard at work! Our agents are everywhere!

All right, David B!

Awright David B and Bad Astronomer!!


. . . Now, it’s about time the State Journal-Register did some hard-hitting articles on that wonderful British comedienne, Kay Kendall . . .


. . . and of course, The Bad Astronomer!

Heh. I just noticed this thread. :wink:

Thanks for posting it. Since the book came out, I’ve been trying pretty hard to get some airtime for it, and it’s paying off. The publisher put a press agent on it, and we have one at my University too.

We just went into second printing, which is pretty cool. It’s a small run, but I was able to get some typos and errors corrected. Now if we can get into a third run, I can fix some of the more subtle errors…

Is this what you needed those Simpsons clips for?

There’s also a nice little write up in Bob Berman’s “Sky Lights” column in the June issue of Discover magazine.

(From the table of contents page: “A warrior for scientific truth takes on the dark forces of bad astronomy.” Geez, man, when’s Bad Astronomy: The Movie coming out? I could just hear that being intoned by the Movie Preview Guy.)

You’re in the Australian as well (and I offered to send the clipping but I think it fell off the first page too quickly or you hate me and are just ignoring me).

A brief but good mention.