In case you were wondering why Putin is after Ukraine...

… and why US should be involved.

Ukraine sits on 39 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves. That’s about one-quarter the world’s entire proven reserves. One company that has bet big on Ukraine’s natural gas is US-based Chevron.

And once these are developed, the multiple pipelines to transport the gas are already built.

Although I doubt that this is one-quarter of the world’s entire proven reserves. But 39 trillion cu ft is not chump change.

Followup: whoever wrote the article screwed up in converting cu ft to m^3. 39T ft^3 is about half a percent of world reserves.

If you’re advocating that if we send troops overseas to fight a war against Russia, that we outright state that it’s over oil, then I guess I can get behind that kind of honesty. :slight_smile:

Wikipedia backs you up: 1.104 x 10^12 or the 24th largest reserve. 0.59% of the world. Russia is #1, US #5 (Qatar, wow!).

Iraq was about blood for oil, so they say. Well I hope people realize that you can trade a liquid for a gas; it’s gotta be CNG first or we might get ripped off! That said, oil is more useful for my lifestyle as I don’t use much gas except maybe propane to light a small stove once a year; no heating or anything. Therefore this war would be immoral!