In case your GayDar is broken...

The other day, DeathLlama was helping a friend tile his kitchen. The men were chatting how DL’s friend had (once again) given the false impression he was hitting on another guy the previous night. (Friend isn’t gay, just completely gaydar-less and overly friendly. I feel bad for the gay guys that think he’s interested only to find, nope, he’s just clueless.)

Anyway, the friend’s wife, overhearing their conversation, said, “Well, I can see how you two could be mistaken for a gay couple. I mean…you’re both tall…”




DeathLlama said you could tell she meant to say more, but got stuck after “tall.” (But WTF??? Why would “tall” be the first thing she says ANYWAY??)

So hey, wondering who’s gay and who isn’t? Are you gay and trying to find Your Man in a crowd? Well, just look for the men over 6’2"…

seriously, WTF?

sigh of relief :smack:

(5’9" and hetero)

Well, that answers the age old question about Tom Cruise

Nonsense. He’s as queer as a three dollar bill. He just wears negative platform shoes to reduce his apparent height.

Don’t I wish. I’m 6’1" and rarely if ever meet a gay man as tall or taller than I am. Just once I’d like to hook up with some 6’5" stud…

[Olympia Dukakis in Steel Magnolias] All gay men are named ‘Rick’ or ‘Steve.’ All gay men have track lighting. [/Olympia Dukakis in Steel Magnolias]

Or he’s a hologram.

If height is the determining factor, then Giraffe but be the gayest person on the SDMB.

5’ 10"! Safely anonymous and invisible! :slight_smile:

[sub]Wait a minute! Why am I smiling about that?[/sub]

Don’t forget all the 'Mark’s. You’re reducing my dating pool by about a third there.

I love mine!

(Short guys are hot!)

Actually I think that would make Mod Rico the gayest, though if Giraffe stretches out his prehensile tongue above his head he might take it. A gay engineer (Giraffe), and a gay radio ham (Rico) that’s … well… maybe not so fabulous.

Why does the KITH bear skit some to mind?

Heh heh…DeathLlama’s buddy is 6’5". (DL is 6’4") Sometimes I think the guy is just gay and doesn’t know it, he’s so friendly (and seemingly flirtatious). There’s a hilarious story about him meeting a guy on the freeway–the FREEWAY–and winding up meeting him for dinner once they exited. He was shocked, shocked I tell you, when the guy said something to the effect of “Okay, dinner’s done, now…your place or mine?” I laughed my ass off–how broken can your gaydar be? And how gay can you act and NOT be gay??

He is the most outgoing guy we know, but seriously. (He adamantly claims he’s straight, wants nothing to do with dick, and looooooooooves boobies a whole lot, but still!) I just feel bad for the guys that get their hopes (yes, their HOPES! mind out of the gutter, gang!) up.

Well, this would explain Dennis Rodman.

My husband is 6’1" -ish. That explains his tendency to play for both teams.

Where does that put Rick Steves?
The guy even calls his company “Europe through the Back Door”!!

First of all, I have no idea how tall Rico is, but I’m willing to bet I’m taller. Second of all, I’m incredibly offended that you’d call me a gay engineer. I’m not an engineer! Gross.

I’m not gay, either, which is sort of too bad as I’d get ridiculous amounts of action if I was. I used to visit friends in Boys’ Town in Chicago, and let’s just say Otto isn’t the only one looking to shimmy up a bean pole, if you know what I mean. ::exaggerated wink::