In FF3, what does the talking chocobo say?!?

He’s always there, in the auction house. The rich-as-hell guy with the spoiled kid. He always buys whatever his kid wants. And he buys that Talking Chocobo, every single time, easily outbidding you.

I’m talking about Final Fantasy 3. When you go to the Auction House (in Jidoor), every now and then you get the chance to bid on a Talking Chocobo. But the old rich bastard always bids 500,000 gold pieces (which resulted in the creation of my favorite FF word, “G’huh?!?”) So, anyway, does anyone have any idea what this Talking Chocobo says? What great mysteries he unveils? What secrets he reveals? What attractive girls’ phone numbers he has? Please, tell me before I go insane!

He says “Cecil Adams knows all!”

He says “Boco… Wark!”

You know what. Of all the final fantasy games…and all the Square games with chocobos in them, the only two things a chocobo has ever said is “Boco…” and “Wark…” If memory serves me.

It’s one of those mysteries we’ll never truly figure out. Like the fact that Clyde(Shadow) never comes out and says he’s Relms father. We assume he is by his dreams in various Inns, but they never say it. I need more hard evidence damn it. Sorry I can’t tell you.

You also can’t buy the 1/1000 of an Airship either. And we’ll never know what those extra two character slots are for. Bah…! Now I’m all pissed about it again. Pbbbttthhhh!

I should know this…I SHOULD KNOW THIS!!!


Yes, you should!

And Simetra… with the Game Genie, there’s supposed to be a way to get General Leo into your party permanently. And Kefka, too, though that leaves you wondering who the heck you kill at the end of the game…


'Cept in the Japanese versions, where they say ‘Kue!’


He says “Don’t buy ‘Final Fantasy VIII’ 'cause it sucks worse than a ‘Breath Of Fire’ game!”

Pretty damn prophetic for a Chocobo, I would say. I hope he has kinder words for FFIX!!!

Hey, I like BoF2. I dig them chicks with wings… and a high-slitted dress and no underwear… :smiley:

I never got into BOF fire. But let me tell you something mister, Chrono Trigger whips all kind of ass…perhaps I should break down and buy the sequel. Square is the king…LONG LIVE THE KING!!!
(I’ll be kind and forgive them for FFVIII…unless the fuck up IX)

I agree with you there, Monkeyman. Although I found CT to be WAAAAAY too short!! FF3 and CT are tied, as far as I’m concerned, when you factor in game length.

FFVIII is a good game.

FFIV is the only game in the mainline series that even close to sucks.

(Although replay value on V is low.)

Quality Ranking, Best to worst:

II, III (From what I’ve seen of these. Haven’t gotten far in either)
MQ, the gameboy games.

Oh, c’mon, Tengu, you know that half of FF7’s cool factor was the “flashy new graphics” (for a FF series, anyway).

The only problem with FFVII (other than a few plot holes, and a couple bits of lousy translation, both of which aren’t unique to VII within the FFs) is that there was way too much pseudo-twitcher in it. I also have this problem with VIII.

The story was interesting, the gameplay challenging enough for my taste, the characters were interesting. The dialogue was occasionally bad, even when the translation didn’t render it nonsensical, but none of the FF games can claim to be flawless in that respect. And, frankly, FFVII’s graphics aren’t really all that good, except in the FMV. All the FF’s have graphics that are good for their systems, but the PSX FFs are meerly good, in that respect. The graphics in I, II, III, V, and VI are spectacular. (IV, and the non-mainline games are pretty crappy.)

The ‘I don’t like games for their graphics, and so I can’t like a game with advanced graphics more than a similar one without’ thing is even stupider than the ‘Graphics-Whore’ attitude. At least Graphics-Whores are honest in their vapidity.

Fact is, VII and VIII are good games - both in their own rights, and in comparison to the other FF games. VIII, I and V could be up with VI and VII if they were less linear, allowing more control over the little actions of the characters.

The best villains in the series appear in VII and VIII - The Turks and Seifer. (Kefka and Sepheroth are the best of the FINAL bosses, but neither of them is anywhere near the Turks and Seifer as good characters - especially Seifer.)

FTR, so that I don’t get accused of being a newcomer to the series - as anyone who defends VII or VIII ineveitably are - I started with I, and have played every mainline game released in NA thus far, plus II and III (the latter 2, of course, on an emulator, as was V).

“boco warf nargle”= “get a life”. :smiley:

Well, they were excellent for when it came out (what, several years ago?). And they were nicely ahead of any previous FF game.

Oh, man, I agree. While it’s true that good graphics won’t help a crappy game any, graphics that are completely out-of-date can ruin a good game (like when they used the Build Engine to make Redneck Rampage 2).

Damn straight. There was so much potential story and characterization that could have been done with regards to the Empire in FF6, but it was completely glossed over and as a result a potentially cool and frightening enemy was reduced to the level of Gargamel.

However, there were certain parts of FF6 that were just awe-inspiring… like the Magitek Research Facility, or the Fanatic’s Tower.

As have I. Haven’t passed 2 or 3 yet (they run glitchy), but I’ve almost passed 5.

Compared to the other FF’s on straight graphics, of course this is the case. However comparing it to what the PSX can do, and how V and VI compare to wha the SNES can do, it’s not really up there. Actually, for the most part, I prefer VI’s. Better designs, on the whole. Although Cait Sith and Red XIII are both damned cool.

(Checking the Copyright date on my copy, 1997.)

Heh. Haven’t played RR, but from what I hear crappy graphics would be appropriate. :slight_smile:

Heheheheheh. Gotta admit that Kefka - cartoony as he is - is frightening himself. The Empire as a whole, and Emperor Geshtahl, on the other hand…:confused:

What I love about the Turks, and especially Seifer is that they are, to an extent, sympathetic. They’re not BAD GUYS. They’re just on the other side of the fence to our heroes.

Seifer, I think is my very favourite villain ever. He’s…well…he’s not out for power, he’s not doing his job…he has no delusions of Godhood…he’s living his Romantic Dream. He is, in his world, the HERO. Even Sepheroth, the next most developed villain in the series (Certainly more than the other Final Villains), is one sided and shallow compared to the Misguided Hero that is The Sorceress’ Knight. (On another MB, I’ve posted a HUGE message defending him from charges of underdevelopment. Too bad it was lost when that board moved servers.)

I agree on the Magitech Research Facility, but the Fanatic’s Tower is a little…repetative. Although the fight at the top was one of my favourites. :slight_smile:

I’m not very far into II or III (Had to reformat a while ago, and lost them…:() My copies seem to work pretty well.

I actually haven’t defeated FFV yet…I can defeat Exdeath’s first form, but his final form keeps thwomping me. He’s not a great villain (Way behind…well, anyone who came after - even Ultimecia - or even Gilgamesh.), but DAMN is he HARD.

*Originally posted by Tengu *

Hard?? You want hard?? What about Velius in Final Fantasy Tactics? That fight comes about 2/3 of the way into the game and I can’t get past it. Grrr.

Haven’t even been able to FIND tactics (Thus it’s not being on my list above). :frowning: Iwannaiwannaiwanna!

Velius, huh? The one-on-one fight? Oh geez, I think I had to replay that fight 15-20 times before I finally won. It’s hard as all hell, all right.

That being said, Tengu, I have a copy of Tactics that I’m willing to part with. Tell me if you want it and I’ll eBay private auction it or something (yes it’d be easier to sell it straight, but positive feedback’s always a happy thing). Lemme know if you’re interested.