In memoriam: Chad the beer stein

Chad: 1993-2002

Tragically, on April 17, 2002, my beloved beer stein, Chad, fell from my grasp and broke into several pieces on the floor of my kitchen.

Chad was a strong, imposing piece of glassware, with a sturdy, dependable handle. My main regret is having let Chad go over the past few months. He deserved better, and I hope his spirit can forgive my neglect.

Chad proudly bore the logo of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association. He was given to me (along with many other pieces of glass- and tableware) by my aunt when I was a starving student. He saw me through many a good time, and consoled me over many a tear, many a heartbreak.

Chad suffered a great loss last fall when he lost his twin brother, Chip. He was never the same; this loss weakened him, thus rendering him fragile and less resilient. In the past, whenever Chad would suffer a mishap, he would remain intact. But time had obviously taken its toll.

He will be missed. :frowning:

Funeral services to be held Saturday, April 20, 11 AM, on the 17th floor of my building, at the garbage chute. In lieu of flowers, I request donations be sent to the “Buy scott evil a new beer stein” fund.

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My condolences on your loss. :frowning:


'Tis truly sad to lose a beloved piece of glassware, particularly if it held your beer.

He didn’t have beer in him at the time, did he? That would be really sad.

Luckily, no. That would have been a double tragedy.

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I would post, but I’m holding a silent vigil in Chad’s memory. I’m going to get up and hug my steins when we’re done.

Say, UncleBill…you quit drinking didn’t you? You don’t need all those steins anymore, do you? nudge, nudge

I just got a large rootbeer mug that doubles as a beer stein, from my grandmothers estate sale(Grandma is still with us) After I finish posting here I will go open my last bottle of Sam Adams and inaugurate the glass. Here’s to you Chad!

True, but they hold dear memories, Ferrous. Like the BIG BOY I stole from a nightclub in London in 1987. The beers were 5 pounds, I feel I paid for it over the course of the evening. Or the glass one from Mug Club #1 in Buffalo, or the ceramic one from Mug Club #3 in Savannah. Mine from the current club still hangs on it’s hook at the Titanic Brewery. I drink Coke from it about once a week.