in or out ?

Why does it feel so much better to pee outside ?

I’m guessing it’s because by the time you’d do such a thing, you have to go REALLY badly. Thus, the enormous relief feels better than a normal tinkle.

Thank you for the reference to enormous. I’m flattered.

Yeah, it’s always good to throw in a few synonyms for hugeness when talking to a man about peeing.

'Cause when it’s nice out, you want to leave it out.


Because you know you shouldn’t really be doing it?

I’ll ask my 5 year old as he thinks it’s way cool to pee outside.

Must be a guy thing because pissing on my shoes has never struck me as “fun”!

Not if you’re a girl!

(And peeing outside, on crutches, and being female makes it* really* complicated. Trust me on this one).

Because when you’re doing it inside, you have to watch your “pees” and q’s! AH HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hoo! Man, that was fun!

Ansyways, When you’re peeing outdoors, you don’t have worry about aiming at all, and if you clench up you can really get some distance. Also, you can do The Shake as wildly as you want, 'coz there are no walls to bedeck with your golden goodness.

'Cause that’s where the snow is.