In-purr-ection in the Guest House

So, after having one overlord disappear and having to much personality conflict with the cat that followed resulting in him returning to the adoption queue, I came to the conclusion that we were just not meant to have a cat.

Mrs. Guest for the past couple of weeks, has been asking if we could get a new kitten. A stray one of her mom’s coworkers took in after the mothercat died.

First dozen times I said no, I was tired of having pets and all that goes with the having of pets.

The next dozen times I tactfully diverted the conversation to other subjects when she would ask.

The last week or so, I just flat out ignored the question when asked.

I spent last week on a job in Oregon and when I got home this evening I walk in the front door to see a new cat-carrier and all the related cat accessories sitting at the end of the couch.

So, without further ado, here she is, Miss Missy Kitten.
As befitting her inborn Royal Nature As A Cat, she is, of course, a Princess…from the wrong side of the tracks.

This little girl is a tough chickie-poo who would fit right in with the original Pink Ladies from Taft High School in Norwood Park (as described in this article) with a beguiling purr and cuddle that she suckers you in with before unleashing her collection of custom church keys and razors

Grats to Miss Missy on her new home! All praise to those who serve!

1st. CUTE! 2nd. CUTEx100!!

Your new feline overlord looks like a charmer.

She’s darling! I like your wife. You don’t sound too PO’d at her, either. :smiley:

Who’s the handsome fella in those pix? … yes, adorable kitten, long live the Queen !!! …


How smelly are the running shoes she is exploring? The picture of her trying to disappear inside one brought back an old memory: When my husband was younger, he had a terrible problem with foot odor. He’d have to spend all day, in the heat of Washington DC summers, wearing leather dress shoes, so the moment he got home, he’d take the shoes off by the door. And let me tell you, those shoes were RANK.

We had a cat with a fetish for foot stank … the moment she heard the clatter of his shoes hit the floor, she’d come running up and try to bury her head inside his shoes, just like your new little princess is doing in that photo.

LOVED the last shot!

Helena, nah, not too upset, Little Missy was supposed to be Mrs. Guest’s cat and she adopted me instead, cuz Imma cat person and, well, yanno, cats rule and dogs drool.

CairoCarol, I dunno, can’t be too bad though, those are my shoes and Mrs. Guest doesn’t turn green or make me wash my feet after taking them off outside or anything like that (and she would too). Must be something there though, cause Little Missy has laid claim to my slippers also. Heh, when my feet are in them, they are shoes, all other times it seems they are to be chews.

Ah Wolfie, yer makin me blush

Aaaand BAM! there she is, unceremoniously dumped in my lap as I type this, at 545 am, for face pouncing mamma while mamma is sleeping. (I swear it, Missy was curled up frikking SNORING on the pillow when I got up a little bit ago)

Boy you have done it now. A tuxedo kitten. I hope yours is sweeter than mine.

I think it will be fine, how could it not be? every other tuxedo cat I’ve had was awesome