In ‘Rugrats’ reboot, Phil and Lil’s mom, Betty, will be an out lesbian single mom

why would this surprise anyone who watched rugrats over the age of 12 … especially when it’s been said that she would have been originally if nick had let them …

I’ve seen this reprinted on other websites and wow the salt is real …

That would be an interesting thing to watch for, I guess. Unfortunately, I find the designs offputting. I get they couldn’t have the messy lines, but they got rid of the lumpiness altogether, and Angelica just looks uncanny.

That said, no, I never thought Betty was a lesbian. She was just the dominant one in her and Howard’s relationship and liked sports. I’m not saying she couldn’t be, but assuming those traits mean lesbian seems as odd as assuming the dad who likes musical theater must be gay.

It also makes me wonder if that means this is a full reboot, rather than soft one that contiued the series. If this were continuous with the old show, this would seem more like “a few years later,” like something that would happen on “All Growed Up.” But if Howard was always a surrogate dad, it would fit.

Yeah today that is less wow than “really, playing to a stereotype?”

I watched the show with my kids as they grew up. The original specific animation style had a soft spot for me with techniques I’ve seen copied in live action as well since, but what made the show great was the amazing writing. The jokes for the adults in the room weren’t the often snarky sniggers (okay grandpa Lou’s Lonely Space Vixens videotape was cute that way) but witty. Cafe Ennui … I broke my Shin …. If they recapture that and the feel of it wonderful. Not overly optimistic.