Ugly Betty 04/24/08

Like most shows affected by the Writer’s Strike this one seems to be coming back with wobbly legs while recovering, but should be back on par soon.
So, newly shorn Gio- do you think the hairstyle is because Freddy Rodriguez had to shave it for another role or that (I’ll use a spoiler though I have no way of knowing if this is right or not Gio’s in chemotherapy? There was a comment about ‘living life’ that sort of implied he was having problems

Justin seems to have grown from about 5’2 to about 6’4 during the hiatus.

I really dunno about the Wilhelmina baby plotline, I can’t see it working, and I really want Marc back at MODE.

And I want to see Henry with his shirt off more. (Damn! I’m still reeling from the Bananas for Betty episode- who knew what he was packing under there?)

And generally speaking, do you like Gio or Henry for Betty?
Any assorted thoughts?

I’m not at all a fan of Henry, so I guess that puts me in Gio’s corner. Interesting take on the new do - hadn’t thought of that.

Thought Betty’s sister looked pretty good with her new do.

My main thought last night was during the “what happened previously” intro - I thought MAN, this show has a lot going on in it!

I liked Gio’s new 'do. I used to prefer Henry, but every time he picks someone or something over Betty, and since he allowed her to continue a relationship he knew would break her heart, I’ve switched. And Gio really is thoughtful and considerate, rather than just talking a good game when it’s conveniant.

I liked how Daniel knew himself well enough to know he’d forget her birthday or do something stupid, so he planned ahead. I wish I knew what he gave her.

I’m not liking the evil-er sister plot.

I need some Pushing Daisies, darn it!


UB’s “previously” spots always have stuff that happened from something like half the season.