In Soviet Russia, Mafia plays you! (Forbidden Thread for Glasnost Mafia -- No Players!)

For unspoiled discussion.

Sheesh, why oh why does Pleonast always do that? He always says that it’s to give the Scum some uncertainty in whether he’s really vanilla or not, but the way you do that is by keeping your mouth shut. Saying what you are decreases the Scum’s uncertainty, not increases it.

Pleo didn’t claim VT right off the bat in the last game. I think somebody picked up on that by Day 2 and stomped on him.

The first time I saw the vanilla townie on day one claim, i was like WTF. But in reality everyone in the game is implicitly claiming the same thing, he’s not doing anything that everyone else isn’t already doing.

Was wondering about this. Saw Glasnost took off pretty fast.

Let’s see how the other half lives, and ride this one out in here.

Oh, and also, I’m kinda busy with something else around these parts too.

I just have to read this thread to gather the info. Pleonast is claiming again?

You would have thought he would have learned.

I mean, I understand your argument completely, Skeezix, but I think Cookies [IIRC] brings up a good point from Hotel, it kinda gets away from the spirit of the game. Perhaps it was Storyteller. The point remains, most people, I would assume, want to PLAY the game. There is a good reason why Dealers reveal exposed cards to everyone at the table… it is precisely so that you cannot straddle the field and pour this big glass of wine. Town can’t pour wine, you say? Pleonast does it every single time he claims VT truthfully.

Part of me wonders if there are actually better was for us as a group to play Mafia. I think that part started packing up with other parts of me, to make way of the parts of me more present in Hotel. That is to say, I think I, and we in general accept a given level of suck in our Mafia play. Almost as if we play Mafia with a “Good enough for government work” attitude.

**I don’t like it, but I can’t stop Pleonast for doing it. Apparently voting for him doesn’t faze him. Not that I have the luxury of doing that this time around. **

Claiming vanilla is not the same thing as not claiming, since (if we take as a given that townies won’t or at least shouldn’t lie) town power roles will never claim vanilla, but they will keep quiet.

Sachertorte’s “inner dialogue” thingie about Pleonast cracks me up. Points for amusing me. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that should be an absolute. I think GLaDOS put it best… I think there are times Power Town should “enhance” the truth.


Do you guys think that a Plants Vs Zombies Mafia could work? **

Vanilla Town = Sunflowers
Doc = Tall Nut

Etc. ?

But back to my main point…

We ask our Cops to breadcrumb. Is it really that far from that tactic, to have Power Town meter out what they are?

If you could find all of the breadcrumbs, you would probably arrive at who the cop is in 2 or 3 breadcrumbed posts.

If a Power town role has to Lie, it is because he / she probably needs to do a few other things first. They probably, or at least should, fully reveal in 2 or 3 identity related posts.

Yes. Because this worked swimmingly well for me in Hotel. **:rolleyes:

Oh wait, Chronos was Scum in that game.

And there we have it, I was correct with my assumptions here.

Well Chronos is not Scum in this thread so I’m not sure what your point is. You shouldn’t make generalizations about Mafia in general based on one experience you’ve had.

I kept trying to come up with a good forbidden thread title involving the KGB (you know, watching over things) but I cant believe I overlooked the obvious!

That sounds interesting. It might work better in-theme as a power-heavy game, where the power roles need a certain number of Sunflowers * Days to use their powers.

Boring meeting = various ideas.

Doc -> Pumpkin
Vig -> various one-shot plants
Tough Guy -> Wall-nut
Redirector -> Hypno-shroom
Tough Scum -> Buckethead zombie
Blocker -> Magnet-shroom

Hey, I’ve got an idea for Pleonast! From now on, he can start Day 1 of every game by claiming Scum! Sure, it’d run the risk of getting him lynched, but you have to take risks to win, and besides, self-preservation is Scummy. And it’d really confuse the Scum!

special ed makes a good point about Zeriel looking to other players for support, but I also notice the same thing from Suburban Plankton in post 204: He’s subtly echoing Drain Bead. Either one of them might be a good target for toMorrow, once this whole Pleonast business is resolved.

And on lying, I said it last game, and I’ll say it again: There are very rare circumstances where it makes sense for Town to lie, but they’re so rare that it’s not even worth listing them, but instead considering them on a case-by-case basis. Overall, “lynch all liars” is such a good idea in the vast majority of the time that one shouldn’t even worry about the exceptions, until and unless they come up.

No, everyone is implicitly claiming town (alignment) but not vanilla/power role.

I would ask investigators not the breadcrumb because that is exactly want the scum are looking for.

Quoth Tom Scud:

That’s part of what got him killed last game: We noticed that he was a bit quieter/saner than usual, and thought it might indicate that he was a power role. He wasn’t. I’m thinking that this is just a genuine playstyle shift on his part, or at least the calm end of a cycle.

It’s funny to me that peeker is saying that this crowd doesn’t like “me too votes” because when I made that rather weak case against him in, was it Evil Dead II? there were like 20 “me too votes”. And he was scum!

I can see where this case against MentalGuy is coming from, but it’s not necessarily founded. It’s possible that he might suspect Astral, and think that Pleonast is probably Town, and yet still suspect Pleo more than Astral. With all the more information that’s available on Day 1, any given player is more likely to be Town than Scum, and it’s reasonable to suspect everyone. Yeah, the way that Astral phrased it isn’t the greatest, but it still looks a bit opportunistic for Drain Bead.

Meanwhile, I think I’ve figured out what’s at the root of Pleonast’s ideas about Mafia. He thinks that the object of the game is to figure out who the Scum are. But this isn’t actually true: The object is to lynch the Scum. Now, obviously, figuring out who they are is very helpful towards this end, but if you lynch Scum through a lucky guess, hey, that’s good too. This leads naturally to his objection to self-defense votes, because those are motivated not by gaining information, but in trying to lynch Scum. It also leads to things like his Mutiny on the S. S. Insipid game, where by the last Day, all the Townies knew who the last two Scum were, but we were powerless to lynch them: He saw the game as balanced, since Town was able to figure everything out, even though we were unable to win.