In Soviet Russia, Mafia plays you! (Forbidden Thread for Glasnost Mafia -- No Players!)

Hmm, looking back **Pleo **probably realized he MUST claim vanilla out of the gate, because the only time he hasn’t done that recently was when he was Scum. And then he had to defend such foolishness. Maybe MAYBE he doesn’t actually believe all that stuff he was saying.

I was thinking the same thing. He’s trapped himself in a weird WIFOM feedback loop.

THAT role flip was – unexpected.

You know, I’d be looking side-long at anyone who really jumped on him early. I bet the first thing he said in the Scum Boards was “Guys, I’m screwed. If I don’t claim right away, they’ll jump all over me. If I claim Vanilla I’ll also get a lot of flack. Just gun me down now and go looking for the Sleeper.”

Mafia is such a great game… I got suspicious of you for posting this and neither of us is playing the game! :slight_smile:

I was trying to think, if we could work the Sun currency into the game some how.

VT are Sunflowers, and based on how many survive the night, indicate how much Sun we get.

Sun then allow Power Town to use their powers the next night.

There would be open conversation on this aspect in the same main game thread. It might be too much to tip it to Scum.

I don’t believe I would have said that…regardless of my alignment.

OK, so MentalGuy, who claimed cop, isn’t dead yet, even though the Scum roleblocker is dead. I can’t make heads nor tails of that one: If he’s telling the truth, then the Scum had to have been crazy-ballsy to let him live, and if he were lying, he’d (they’d, actually, since Scum can Day-talk) have to have known that it’d just get him and Pleonast killed eventually. Ah, well, worst-case scenario, Town kills him, finds out he was telling the truth, and gets a confirmed out of it.

Wait, it gets weirder: Neither the Scum nor the Bomber targeted him. Even if he’s actually lying Scum, the Bomber shouldn’t have known that. But maybe the Scum and Bomber each figured the other would take him out?

There is also the possibility that he was jailed, and neither the scum nor the bomber would have been able to successfully target him, in which case I don’t think the “nefarious elements” of the game would want to lose a kill/tag for no reason.

This is interesting now! We have had several games in a row where the Scum and third parties started falling early.

Also this is going to be a short, hammer-ended Day huh? Might be done by tomorrow this time!

Downside is, this’ll stifle discussion for the Day, since lynching Drain is a no-brainer. Upside, with the hammer mechanism, they won’t have to wait long to lynch her. Before then, though, Town should probably explore the question: Assuming Drain does come up Bomber (thereby effectively confirming Mental), should the jailer jail him? On the one hand, he’d be confirmed Town, and keeping one of those alive is a good thing, but on the other, if the Scum know he’ll be jailed (and hence not using his power), they’ll just kill elsewhere. I think (but have not done the calculations) that the proper strategy is for the jailer to roll a die, and have a 1/3 chance of jailing him.

Of course, if Town lynches Drain and she’s not the Bomber, then Mental is an easy Vig target. Which is also good.

I lost track - where were the claims that make lynching Drain or vig-killing Mental a Good Idea?

YesterDay, Mental claimed Cop to avoid the noose. Now, in post 610, he claims that he got a result of 3rd party off of Drain (making her the Bomber, since no Sleeper was killed to produce a survivor). So lynch Drain and see what she is, and if she isn’t the Bomber, then Mental was lying and needs to die.

Weird. I wonder if they thought I was the jailer. I was fully expecting to draw a lot of heat toDay and maybe even get lynched for jumping on the Pleo wagon late and then jumping on the Mental Guy wagon pretty quickly.

And my signoff post really should have been

As an aside, I’ve been thinking of running a Shakespeare Mafia. But not until I get game balance figured out.

Incidentally, my guess is that if Drain flips Town then Mental is the bomber; for a scum, fake-claiming at a time when your roleblocker is next in line for the lynch is horrible play; for a third party, it could have been a case of “oh well, do what I can.”

Hehe. No, first thing I told my comrades was “I’m going to play this like I was town”. Which is what I did.

Huh. Just realized that Town could totally break this game:

One mason identifies him/herself (with the implicit threat that one of the two hidden masons could vouch for him if there was a counterclaim). Everyone EXCEPT that mason then is required to vote for him/herself. The jailer (still hidden) jails the mason.

This leaves the scum and the bomber with the option of (1) playing along while hunting for the jailer or (2) trying some sort of last-minute unvote, which has the advantage of giving the possibility of an instant win but the disadvantage of leaving one of their number exposed to retaliation if everyone doesn’t die; depending on how quick people’s reaction times were, they might even get lynched the same day (if say they posted 1 minute ahead and 3 Town posters saw the unvote and voted the unvoter).

PS - insomnia kind of bites.