Evil Dead Mafia Forbidden Thread - The Cabin in the Woods

Ok all, this is the Companion Thread to go with the new Mafia Game.

This will be for non-spoilered discussion of the game by anyone and everyone, APART FROM THE PLAYERS STILL PLAYING.

If you are still playing, you don’t get to join us.

Please No Spoilers in this thread.

Should the necessity arise and you want to sub into the game, post in here.

Wow, there’s a blast from the past. Chucara’s idea was discussed way back in forbidden thread of M1 and came up again in M2.

And as I remember it, the dude who proposed it in M2, chrisk, took so much flack over the idea that he left the game and hasn’t played since. We’ve gotten a lot less hysterical since then.

chrisk did play in a game recently – within the past six months or so.

Huh. This is supposed to be a game of olympic proportions, and it doesn’t involve story, Rysto or Cat? I think the new players have a high standard to live up to.

I don’t really have time to play Mafia at the moment.

Instead, **storyteller **was nice enough to let me help out with this game instead. :slight_smile:

Well, you do have Story as a mod, so there is that.

Have you read M2, pedescribe? 'Cause if that’s the only lesson you took away from the game…

As it happens, scum did not kill the detective Night One. The detective was targeted by both the Vigilante and the Serial Killer. Now it is true that a certain townie came up with a convoluted theory revolving around the assumption that the Mafia killed the detective and pursued it vigorously, egged on beautifully by the scum. But that last bit is one of the most important lessons from M2. The scum sat in the background and let the Town chase its tail for the whole game, and we never figured out what the scum was doing.


Clearly JSexton has not played enough games with us if he’d wory that story of all people would use recruitment in one of his games.

You know, this has got to be one of the quietest Day Ones going.

story, when this game is over, you can probably make a sweet penny selling that domain name to Pleonast. Just sayin’.

Total Lost may be onto something with Thing Fish. Scum love it when 2 townies are in the lead voting and can make it a choice between those two. Good catch (maybe).

One day, a group of masons is going to consist of people who don’t take the mason tag and make it force them to play so fast and loose that they end up having to claim Day One.
One day…

It never used to happen with the masons, there have been a few times they didn’t jump out.

I wonder what changed or is it that feeling of “they are never going to lynch me”, so they can say what they like and the doc will protect me. :rolleyes:

pedescribe in particular seems to be prone to claiming at the drop of a hat. With the vote as it was, there was NO reason for him to claim, IMO. Bad move.

ETA: I could be wrong about pede claiming, but that’s my impression from the last few games I’ve read/played.

Well… except. Once pede had four votes, he’d have remained among the vote leaders thanks to inertia alone. By now he’d have had to claim. Assuming he is telling the truth about being a Mason, that would have sucked royally, because it would have forced the Town to scramble in search of an alternate target in the last 24 hours of the Day. At least his early claim gave them an extra half day to recalibrate.

Whoops, you’re right. For some reason I thought he only had 2 votes when he claimed. Sorry, pedescribe!

Absolutely. Scum will rarely be blatantly scummy. Subtlety is way more of a hallmark of scum than bluntness.

Yup. I suspect Macey will turn up Town.

Unofficial vote count as of #191

macey(7) - brewha, Hawkeyeop, Hockey Monkey, special ed, dotchan, jsexton, pedescribe
Thing Fish(3) - Total Lost, peekercpa, pleonast
chucara(2) - NAF1138, diggitcamara
Pleonast(1) - , Thing Fish
DiggitCamara(1) - Natlaw
peekercpa(1) - amrussell
Cookies(1) - bufftabby
BlaM(1) - Cookies.

Well, looks like **macey **is going to #1 lynch, especially with less than 12 hours to go.