Evil Dead Mafia Forbidden Thread - The Cabin in the Woods

Absolutely; totally agree with you.

Scum would never do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just got caught up to date with the game… and i must say, my ego is a bit flattered that I was mentioned a few times already early in Day 1. I figured people had forgotten about me with all the new Mafia games and Facebook games that have been going on, but it’s a nice little boost to see my name thrown out there every so often by one of the younger crowds… :slight_smile:

That said, I would swallow all of their souls if they keep up some of their thought processes.
I woulda lynched Macey too though if i were playing. Scum or not. The town needed information and that was the best way to get it- at least no one threw out the idea of a No lynch Day 1 at least.
Anyways, this looks like an interesting game. I’ll def. try to keep up w/ following it having gotten to be a part of its conception. :smiley:


Huge bonus for the Town - well done. Getting an early scum always helps, both in terms of raw numbers, and in terms of psychology: the more Days go by without a scum death, the more frustrated Town normally gets.

Peds latest post makes me wonder as I don’t know the makeup of the game (can I get spoiled/a link to the spoiler boards pmed to me?) but now… i’m wondering about just what IS in this game’s makeup. I gotta know!

Oh don’t get me wrong, I absolutely subscribe to the storyteller “everytime I tell myself scum would never do that, I hit myself over the head until the thought passes” school of thought.

Pleonast was a Mason and the Detective died Night One? If it weren’t for the fact that two scum are down already I’d swear that story’s just re-enacting M2 for his own amusement.

No, no no! Lynches are hugely pro-Town. If the Town really does get two lynches per Day/Night cycle they absolutely have to use them.

I haven’t been to the Dope in about two months, came in here and read the Day Two/Night Two intro thread, and am now wondering what the hell is going on over here.

Aren’t the Dope games supposed to be fairly normal compared to the other board’s games?

takes a peek at Idle’s game

Oh…yeah, okay, carry on then. :smiley:

If there is in fact a night lynch, you’re essentially cutting in half the number of scum kills to be performed. TL has been playing long enough to figure this out.

Hi, everyone. Much calmer in this thread. No zombies around…I kinda like it. And there’s Boozahol! Really missed you last Night, time to catch up drinking. I’ll have some sort of obscure Belgian ale that smells like pee, in honor of bufftabby. Draw one for my pal Pleo if he shows up, too. I’m not sure about the etiquette for these threads…does “no spoilers” mean I shouldn’t talk about my PM or Night action? It’s a juicy story but I will sit on it if you all would rather try to figure it out for yourself.

Hi, TF. No spoilers pretty much means no spoilers. Also, and unfortunately, due to some quirks in the rules, access to the “real” spoiler fora will be exceedingly limited. You may yet be called on to contribute to the game.

Cool! I await instructions. Although the next contribution I make to Town winning this game will be my first…

I have to say that story’s color in this game is freakin’ hilarious. I particularly enjoyed this from the last dusk post:

:D:D:D Well played, sir.


Ok, has anyone who placed a vote for a confirmed Mason ever ended up scum? Ever? Having a brainfart is not a scum tell!

Hi all. I’m not sure if you noticed, but I took a bit of a mafia holiday; but storyteller’s new game seems to be drawing me back.

In reviewing stuff, it seems that I was on the winning team for Terminator (Yay!). And to NAF, I totally had you pegged on Day One! Ha! :smiley: And for actual reasons too.

I’m reading through Day One now and the brief exchange of “scum would never do that” was about to make my head explode until I read:

Praise the Lord! Hopefully JSexton will be able to explain what I’ve continued to fail to convey.

Well, that was an “interesting” Day :dubious:

Yay, I’m allowed to post here.

I wonder why I was killed. I don’t think ped’s “defense” of me was the reason. While it hinted that I was likely a mason, scum should be looking to kill power roles. Unclaimed masons pose little direct threat at the beginning of the game. If they killed me instead of shooting for a real power role, then I’m happy to take that bullet.

I’m very suspicious of NAF. His push to get people to remove votes to test if there is a Night lynch, and also suggesting that a Vig refrain from killing, is so anti-Town. If the Town has a Night lynch, not using it would be a major gift to the scum, just like choosing to skip a Day lynch. And power roles, including Vigs, should be left to their own discretion. Also, getting a useless investigation is a halmark of a scum fake-claiming. Despite all that, I get a Townie vibe from him.

Welcome back, sach! I look forward to playing with/against you in the future.

Hey Pleonast, thanks for the kind words.
Wow. Day Three was phenomenally stupid. The whole Chucara/confirm NAF was dumb dumb dumb to begin with, then they fuck up the execution too.
As far as I can tell NAF has been playing his claimed role as well as could be expected. He clearly states he wants to investigate townies and would prefer vanilla townies to “masonize” them. That is a solid strategy; one that NAF learned earlier when I pointed out that his choice as Detective in Simpletown would have won the game immediately if he had selected his “suspected town” instead of investigating his “suspected scum.” He was right and found a scum, but that allowed the game to continue.
If NAF is scum, then Town handed him an easy-out for the Day three investigation.

Anyway, the Chucara gambit was dumb since even a 50% chance of guessing the correct answer would not sit well with the town anyway. They would think 50% is not good enough. And on top of that they decide to lynch Chucara before NAF gets a read on him! JHC!

I don’t even understand the case against Chucara. He voted for pedescribe, a claimed mason! I read that and I was thinking Town all the way. Rysto totally saw it immediately too. What scum is going to vote for a claimed mason? I know this falls into the category of “things scum won’t do” but it’s not a matter of pro-town/pro-scum action. Scum would not draw attention to themselves by voting for a known mason. Scum are much more aware of who they are voting for. Town is much more likely to slip up and forget that pedescribe is a mason. Scum, not so much.
[del]On other matters, I’m surprised storyteller is allowing conditional questioning. If he allows that, he might as well just allow one multiple choice answer with 27 possible choices. Actually, now that I think about it, DiggitCamara could ask his question as direct, non-conditional A) B) C) questions and get his desired result with a ternary encoding. Essentially, three questions with three groupings is sufficient to discern from a set of 27.

encode Cookies as A - A - A (Cookies is in group A for all three questions)
encode Zeriel as A - A - B (Zeriel is in group A for the first two questions and group B for the third)
encode NAF as A - A - C
encode Hockey as A - B - A

This way the questions can be asked as non-conditionals. A same question all three times, but with different groupings. (Is the scum you investigated in group A [knock once], B [twice] or C [thrice]. For ease I would probably use groups ABC, DEF, and GHI to minimize confusion. The basic idea is there. Conditionals are a cheat![/del]
I see now that DiggitCamara has amended the plan to eliminate conditionals. His formula has a few typos (he seems to have forgotten the existence of the numbers 8 and 9); but the overall design is sound and conditional free.

Heh, is anyone else hoping to see a lynch based on a Capitalization issue?
I love stuff like that, and it always gives me a glimpse into the mind of a Mod vs. the mind of a player… IE: Would storyteller be the sort of person to put an intentional error like that into a Post? If he would, why wouldn’t Cookies (if scum) just modify it to make it read “better”? Did she really just post her actual Role PM and not realize how that little issue could become a problem? Or did she actually rewrite her pm and that typo is actually her own??

I’m loving this stuff!

No. Lynching Cookies for the capitalization of “total lost” is simply stupid play. One, it’s a bad idea. Two, storyteller has been non-capitalizing “total lost” consistently:

And I think I know what NAF is up to. He wants to make up for lost time and get a two-fer by investigating Cookies’s town-ness. If he can confirm Cookies, then Total Lost gets confirmed by extension. It is a sound plan. All NAF needs to do is forget about trying to confirm himself (he can’t and he shouldn’t try. He knows this, but got distracted by Chucara).

ETA: the interesting question is whether or not storyteller will correct his mistake in his next vote count.