Mafia: Evil Dead - DAY/NIGHT ONE

Yeah, this does seem to be a rather quiet day one.

Anyone got a post count?

Just go into the game room and click on the number of replies to this thread:

peekercpa 13
Natlaw 10
pedescribe 10
bufftabby 10
Hawkeyeop 10
DiggitCamara 9
NAF1138 9
macey 8
Pleonast 7
ComeToTheDarkSideWeHaveCookies 7
storyteller0910 7
JSexton 7
Thing Fish 6
Total Lost 6
Almost Human 6
Hockey Monkey 5
special ed 5
brewha 5
amrussell 5
MHaye 3
Rapier42 3
Millit the Frail 3
Chucara 3
Hoopy Frood 1
Zeriel 1
Nanook of the North Shore 1


7 years I’ve been a member here and I didn’t know that.


If you click on the number next to their name in the replies thread it will show you the posts to that thread. Extra handy for Mafia.

OK, so no word from BlaM yet? Can we get a prod or something?

Also, nothing from Dotchan, but that’s one is understandable.

It is a new feature post conversion.

Naf, can you explain why you are voting Chucara over Macey. Subtly is more suspicious than bluntness?

As a reminder, the management urges all players to review the rules; I won’t be discussing any player’s participation, or any moderator actions related to participation, in the game thread.

Apologies, holidays, traveling, getting loose ends at work tied up before vacation, all that (sorry, it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better).

After a quick-skim (in a non-scummy fashion) readthrough, I have to say: Hey pedescribe, wasn’t it brought up early on for Masons not to claim?? That we don’t need a bunch of us running around with “Nightkill Me” signs around their necks?

An unconfirmed Mason is useless to town, and a confirmed Mason this early is nothing but cannon fodder. I implore any other Masons (if we have any) to keep it quiet, please!

Now then, time to go back for a more careful readthrough…

More or less. The one thing that gives me pause is how blatent Macey was. It was a coin toss, but Macey’s bluntness put Chucara over the top for me.

And with the short Days we need to take the opportunity to talk during the night. Otherwise I don’t think we will have enough real time hours.

Also, regarding the whole pede thing. Not sure what kind of observation you would have me make. pede made a funky comment, pleo commented on it, jsexton said that was fishing. I didn’t agree and said so. Now, whether pede’s initial comment should have been a basis for alignment determination purposes. I’d have to say that if anything it pointed to towniness. I just can’t see scum making that kind of slip. But would it necessarily have indicated some type of power role, maybe, maybe not. But it seems that those types of discussions end up having more anti town implications than not. So, I just wanted to move on.

Of course, it’s now it’s just academic.

  1. Yes, of *course *we are all candidates. I already explained the thought process that led me to use that phrase, and if you didn’t buy it the first time I won’t bother repeating myself. I still can’t see how you could have read what I wrote and jump to the conclusion you did , but I guess if Ped read it the same way I have to take some responsibility for the misunderstanding.

  2. Because…AS I ALREADY SAID…I did think that there was also reason to be suspicious of Ped, and I wanted to express that suspicion. As you are conveniently ignoring, I also expressed suspicion of Chucara, who had no votes, thus shooting down your theory that I was “thinking you need to decide between those two “candidates”.”

You are putting words in my mouth big time, and the only reason I’m not voting for you right now is that I also thought you were scummy in SDMB (didn’t play, but lurked) and you weren’t.

Ped, thanks for sharing the Cap’n Pitt story. Don’t worry, though, it will take more than a misguided lynch to get rid of me! :wink:

Total, this is my 3rd game on this board, the others were Doperville and T2. T2 was different from the others because a) I *didn’t *get votes on the first day and b) I actually was scum! But I died on Night One, so that wasn’t much of an experience.

Oh and regarding the number of games I have played in. It’s got to be in the range of seven, give or take one or two.

Will try to get a reread in before Dusk, but I’m still reasonably happy with my vote where it is (Pleonast), particularly now that we are provisionally assuming that the guy he was trying to drive the wagon on was in fact Town (and yes, we absolutely should make that assumption for the time being, as several people have already explained to macey). **Pleo’s **post #119 impressed me as talking a lot (in generalities) without really saying much about this particular game.

Must go work now, may or may not be back later.

Time to kick ass and chew gum, and I’m all out of gum. :smiley:

Does a distracting dance with my shiny behind. :smiley:

Now that we got that out of the way…

Wow, people with shinier asses than me! I’m not alone any more! I’m so happy! :smiley:

Traditionally Day 1 gets spent discussing voting strategies, the possibility of a mass claim and/or game setups. I don’t think a good setup is breakable by a Day 1 mass claim, and we don’t yet know how much that Alpha/Beta thing pervades through the setup. By the first Day/Night cycle we should have a better idea of what to expect anyway.

macey’s posts read, on first blush, like a paranoid newbie, but in voicing opinions on pedescribe’s reaction to his PM says something to the effect of “you should know better”. Compared to that, the insistence for more information does seem very scummy, especially in light of storyteller’s publishing of the Vanilla PMs. (And one would think that Story made it so we can’t use special phrases in the PMs as a kind of handshake.) In light of this, vote Macey

Everybody else has already pointed out Thing Fish’s statement about there only being two candidates being, well, fishy, so I won’t elaborate on that and just give Thing Fish a FoS.

Dark Cookies does seem rather opportunistic, but it’s Day One, so for now I’m just raising my eyebrow in her general direction.

I’m the opportunistic one? That’s rich…

Antagonistic or not, are you going to respond to my points?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My thoughts on several players.

macey’s questions of ped are anti-Town, but I think it reflects the different expectations of the Facebook play group. It’s a null tell. I’m mildly suspicious of the players who’ve jumped on him for only that.

JSexton is suspicious for playing very strangely. I’m not sure what his regular play style is, but this game he seems to be attacking me for the usual game back-and-forth. Plus, he has been very reluctant to answer questions (not just mine).

Thing Fish is suspicious for saying I “was trying to drive the wagon on [ped] was in fact Town”. Two problems with that statement. First, I was not driving the train. I merely pointed out the slip and then backed off. Even ped admits that much. Second, driving a train against a Townie is rarely a scum tell.

I think will ultimately be voting for Thing, but just to make sure my questions get answered,
vote JSexton

Oh, I’ve played in 10 Mafia games prior to this one. My win-loss record is 5-5.

Preface: I’m snowed in and without power. I’m at my in-laws for the moment, but internet accesss is limited.

Opportunistic? Really? How so, because Pleo is such an easy, passive target? :dubious: Or because it came as day started? Remember, we’d already been talking for a day or so.

Just FYI, that’s a running joke elsewhere about being a pitbull. It’s both a strength and a weakness. I don’t let anyone go, but sometimes I get tunnel vision.

It’s tradition!

Wow. It’s been said by others, but yeah. Claiming mason is not the same as any other claim, really. There’s zero chance that scum false claims mason day one. Think about it: if the mod told them there’s no mason group, that’s basically free rein to have two or three scum be unlynchable.

This post and your others are pretty bad. I see a former mason buddy saying that you can be all over the place as town, but it’s still worth a unvote Pleonast, vote macey.

Everyone looked scummy in that game - except scum :wink:

:smack: sorry - I should have remembered (I knew your name was familiar!

Question to you Pleo:

Who has jumped on him for only that? (in your opinion, or not.)

Not that people haven’t, I just hate it when folks make statements that broad brush a group of unnamed folks. I like to hear specific names.

I am not crazy about you being characterized as driving the bandwagon either. I don’t know if I had mentioned that already or not.