In the Marvel films, is Steve Rogers a virgin (so far)?

I was just rewatching Captain America: The First Avenger. In the scene in the back of the car with Agent Carter, on the way to get Steve juiced, they have a conversation about how Steve doesn’t know how to talk to a woman. Steve says, “This is the longest conversation I’ve ever had with one.” This leads to talk about how he’s never danced, and how he ended up deciding to just stop trying- that he’ll wait until he finds the right partner.

Sounds to me like at this point, he’s still a virgin. He’s not the kind of guy I’d expect to go to a prostitute, and it seems he’s had no other opportunities. He and Carter start expressing romantic feelings for one another once they’re in Europe, but it doesn’t seem they get any chances to get it on- and it seems she had no intent to go there until he was prepared to prove that he’s really ready for the right partner (she’s not at all amused to find him playing kissy face with the secretary, and after he gets caught I kinda believe he’s committed to not playing kissy face with anyone else until he wins Carter’s love). Basically, it seems very no-time-for-love-Dr.-Jones until the war is over (neither of them knowing how little time they have left).

He could have gotten laid after being defrosted but before the start of The Avengers storyline, but it seems he’d still be working through the trauma of the 60+ year hibernation and readjusting to his new world (probably a bit put off by how hypersexual society has become making it even more difficult for him to be comfortable with the idea of sex).

I suppose he could have gotten laid before going to Europe while doing the War Bonds tour and movies.

Tony Stark: definitely not a virgin
Bruce Banner: definitely not a virgin (though, hopefully Hulk is)
Thor: We haven’t seen evidence onscreen, but probably not a virgin- though it’s not clear if he and Jane have done it yet (but I kind of think that’s what happens after the camera cuts out on the stinger from Thor: The Dark World).
What do you think?
Is the movie version of Steve Rogers still a virgin?
If so, do you think he’ll get laid in the new movie?

A man who jumps out of a plane without a chute isn’t one I’d trust to bring a condom.

Hell no.

Remember, Rogers spent an unspecified amount of time on a series of USO tours surrounded by a gaggle of leggy chorus girls. You think none of them had their way with him?

There’s no reason to believe that since Captain America was stationed in wartime Europe that he didn’t sample some of the local talent. After all, the US government wouldn’t want him to be distracted if the Nazis placed an attractive operative in his path. He is an adult so there’s no reason why he couldn’t satisfied his urges with a local "professional (after all, he is immune to all human diseases)’

Marvel Comics solved the overall homoerotic nature of Captain America’s comic by having him involved in a chaste relationship with a Jewish woman named Bernice when he was working as a commercial artist.

Actually, yeah, given his awkwardness and thinking fondue is a euphemism for intercourse, I’m thinking Steve is a 90-year old virgin.

I can buy it happening during the USO tour and while he was making the propaganda movies, but I’m sure it didn’t happen in Europe. He wasn’t in Europe for very long and while he was there he was in close proximity to Agent Carter the whole time- and I think he really wanted to prove to her that he could be her guy.

I think it’s possible during the USO tour, but not a sure thing. I think he was still dealing with the surreal feeling of sudden celebrity, I don’t think he felt comfortable in his own skin. Also, I think he was struggling with what his responsibilities were in being a symbol. Toward the end of the “Star Spangled Man” montage, he’s approached for an autograph by a beautiful young woman (this is well after he’s been doing this for quite a while) and he seems completely taken aback that she’s making eyes at him- I’m sure she’s not the first woman to make eyes at him, but his surprise here tells me that he must have been oblivious to his sex appeal all along. When the secretary kisses him after his first actual combat mission, he really seems uncomfortable, surprised, and inexperienced.

So, that’s why I’m inclined to think he didn’t taste anything during the USO tour- but I think it could have happened and that if he ever got laid the USO tour is the most likely time for it to have happened.

He’s saving himself for when he meets me (the audience).

Oldest, hottest, strongest inexperienced virgin teenager ever.

It’s adorable. Why do you think Black Widow is trying so hard to set him up with someone?

And the fact that she doesn’t want him for herself just adds to my virgin theory. Black Widow ain’t got no time for somebody who needs to be taught what to do!

Hulk had a hot time with Power Princess, one of the “Ultimates” heroes (the world she shares with Hyperion and Nighthawk) when she was visiting the regular Marvel Universe. (The two universes leak terribly.)

He’s a trained acrobat. I think that’s all that needs to be said.

More to the point, wasn’t there a scene in the first one with Jane making him breakfast (just cold cereal, but still)? That’s standard code for “these two people have just slept together”.

And honestly, he probably had previous relationships before meeting Jane, too. It’s generally expected that a prince will get around some, especially in a Viking-like culture.

Also with Thor, I got the feeling that any dalliances he may have had were just that: dalliances. Not serious, and one of the reasons Sif had to prove herself as a warrior, so she could get his attention.

Turns out you have to hit him with a truck (twice) to get his attention.

In the comics Thor is a huge horndog often into taking on several women at once. I don’t think that a virile male thousands of years old who can pretty much tag any single woman he chooses can be thought to be a virgin by any stretch of the imagination.

Definitely my thinking. Add to that: his personality in the first film pre-being humbled.

Especially this. Sif definitely doesn’t come off as “I want him . . . but at least no one else is getting him.” She comes off as “I want him . . . and all those skanks keep getting in the way!”

How does giving him an obvious “beard” solve anything?

We don’t actually know anything (from the films, st least) about Natasha Romanov’s sexuallity. She could totally be Steve Rogers dyke best friend spurring him on as her wingman so she can get the best friend alone.

However, regardless of Rogers’ ineptitude with women or purity of heart, I find it implausible (even moreso than a man building a microfusion reactor in a mountain tunnel out of scrap parts) that Rogers toured with USO chorus girls and bond-pimping cheerleaders without a number of them forcing themselves on this perfect speciman of wartime manhood. The dude cannot only crush entire Nazi legions but takes on the supernatural forces of Hydra. Do you think some contingent of war-liberated fertile women who aren’t aching to bear his children? Sure, he never gets the chance to talk to them; they have him stripped down and in bed before he can get out more than a few sentences, hence why Carter is so stunning to him; a woman who doesn’t fall over herself to drop her panties and make babies with him.

Rogers has illegitimate children from Portland to Poughkeepsie. I guarantee it.


You misspelled “from Hoboken to Spokane.”

Sometimes a cigar IS a just a cigar.

Steve Rogers is in his mid 90s (he would have been in his later 50s at the time when Marvel Comics gave him a lady friend) so sexual relations ( with that woman) might not have been “top of mind” with him.

While Cap did hang out with a lot of dudes (Bucky,Falcon,Nomad, Nick Fury,etc) I never got a “gay vibe” from him. He was just a young man who got exploited by the US government and then lost 30-60 years of his life (depending upon the narrative) and returned well after everyone he knew was dead.

That could cause “performance anxiety” in anyone.

I imagine that when Thor has had his way with a woman, he throws her off the bed and yells “Another!”.

Allegedly so was Isaac Newton (well, OK, he made it 85). Not everyone puts sex as a high priority.

Given the era in which Rogers was raised he might well be a “no sex outside of marriage” kind of guy, which do exist even if these days they’re a bit rare. Or he lost his cherry “off screen” so to speak.