In the name of God, leave the power off in New Jersey a while longer !

The Princeton branch of my family would like to politely tell all you Jersey bashers to go fuck yourselves. The parts of the state not visible from Manhattan can be pretty nice, you know.

Well I for one am glad to hear you’re fine and weren’t inconvenienced. I hope your wife got home OK too. An overheated december would be indicative of global warming.

Ha ha ha… way to show 'em, december! :slight_smile:

Who’s them (or 'em) and what’s he shown them?

Well, I just thought it was a funny comeback, to respond to “Oh please let him not show up oh please let him not show up” with “Here I am, and I’m fine, thanks!”

The above message has no political, sociological, or religious ramifications. It does not signify approval or disapproval of any posters in this thread in other threads which they may participate in. This post cannot double as a floatation device. It was meant to be a random “Good comeback!” statement and there was no subtext.

[sub]No, really![/sub]

I seond Alessan (although probably not quite as profanely). My grandparents and cousins would also support me in this endeavor.

Eva Luna
(originally) South/Central Jersey Girl (you know, the part near the rolling hills, delicious farmstand peaches, and beautiful sandy beaches)
(we’ve had some Princeton people at various times, too; my dad is Princeton '64-ish)

I know. Like Camden and Trenton. True bastions of urban beauty. And the water? It’s got some extra ingredients that make it just absolutely tasty.

Hey! My mom is from Camden, and my grandparents ran a soda shop in Trenton for 40 years! Don’t you be dissin’ my turf!

(Of course, none of them have lived there for years.)

NJ has its issues. And VA is a Total Paradise, December! They Even elected Ollie “shred the evidence” North to political office. Taxes are cheaper, and the people are So Friendly. I hear the Klan has more chapters than the Knights of Columbus, so there go those long commutes. You can even use your EZ-Pass on the Beltway.

So how about it December, huh? Please move the fuck outta my state…

Hey, every state and province requires at least one annoying Doper, it’s the law.

If you must send him somewhere, send him to DC; they’re currently one short. :wink:

Irony defined:

Someone just pointed out to me that the great irony in all of this is that New York and the rest got to experience a little of what’s making the Iraqi people so hot under the collar at the moment. They’ve had no electricity since the US acquisition. It’s mid summer there and around 50 degrees, I believe.

I wonder if the Arab press is reporting about the ‘spirit’ of Iraqi’s, etc. in quite the same way . . .

I was thinking about that too. Lets go in and remove Hilary to gain an even more realistic effect.

Blackouts: I burning your dog!


  1. Ollie North lost, and

  2. december, for reasons that are obvious if you read the right posts of his, is ineligible to be a Klansman.

Arghhh! Fucking coding weasels wrecked my post (and, soon, will rip my flesh)!

Y’know, I’ve seen and heard and read innumerable Jersey jokes over the 9 years that I have lived here. And none of them were funny. Until this one. 'Punha, take a bow. You actually made this Native New Yorker turned Jersey Girl laugh out loud.

Maybe if they weren’t looting & sabotaging their own power supplies and murdering the people responsible for getting it fixed, they’d have a little more power by now…

And saying they’ve had no power for months is a bit of an over statement for a country where they are getting power - less than pre-invasion but it was being restored well before al the sabotage which dropped the power supply by 40% over the course of a week according to some sources - which in itself wouldn’t be having so much effect if it weren’t for serious underinvestment in the infrastructure for the last 30 years. So stop being such an anti-american dick & check your facts for a change.

Wait… weren’t those people getting the power fixed the same people who were responsible for the power outage in the first place?

Call me crazy, but if some guy came in and busted up my TV, I’d want him out of my house, whether he told me he was going to fix it or not.

CNN had an absolutely priceless article in which a reporter asked Iraqis to give Americans advice on dealing with the blackout.

Iraqis’ top 10 tips for enduring blackout in the heat

Some of the best:

I live in Trenton. I live across the tree-lined street from a lovely little park. I have an attractive brick semi-detached house with a side yard and a garage. I paid $56K for it four years ago. My brother, who lives in Hawai’i, brags about me as the only person he knows whose house cost less than their annual salary.

I can commute to either New York City or Philadelphia and make as good money as anywhere in the country.

Trenton has a symphony, a good museum, minor league base ball, an arena that gets national-class headliners, and is in trivially easy driving distance of Princeton, which has a little bit of culture of its own. It has three four-year colleges and one community college. We get TV and radio from both New York and Philly - I think I get four separate PBS channels.

As of today, gas is $1.41.9 and we don’t have to pump it ourselves.:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, yeah, Trenton is just a terrible place to live. :smiley: