In the name of God, leave the power off in New Jersey a while longer !

I just checked he hasn’t posted for 3 whole hours. What ya think he’s doing in the blackout-in-the-afternoon; scouring the sky’s with giant binoculars for alien ships . . Guarding the shoreline against invading terrorists . . . digging an air raid shelter . . . draped over a Chaise Longue and writing verse by candlelight . . . . haaaa the peace is just delicious . . . .

I appreciate your interest and concern. In fact, I never lost power at home, although my wife lost power at work.


HA! This thread delivers!


Ha ha!


My Og! It’s like a vast, dark summoning ritual of evil, mind-scrambling black magic!

Ia! Ia! december phthagn!


Foolish London_Calling! You should know by now never to speak the name of the Great Old Ones lest you summon them.

. . . . I’m beginning to feel like the hapless Chief Insp. Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) after he develops the nervous tic . . . next time, it’s the brakes - they’ve got hills in Jesey, right ?

Speak of the devil, aye?!

(note: I personally don’t have an opinion one way or the other about december… I’m just using that handy expression)


They had a problem with some midwestern states pilfering hills a while ago, so they had to hide them.

They do so by placing tons of refuse over and around them …

They’re actually hiding them under gas stations. That’s why you’re not allowed to pump your own gas in New Jersey. They don’t want you to be wandering around and finding things.

They also hide them under overpasses, which is why you have to make a jughandle to take a left turn.

The funniest part of this is, he knew exactly who L_C was talking about… and responded in two minutes!.

Truly, his powers are impressive. laughs

Way to go, L_C!

Now if he could just use those powers for good…

In keeping with New Jersey’s official (or at least license plate) motto “The Garden State,” that’s not “refuse,” but compost.


Consider me Shocked and Awed. :eek:

:::::off to find some garlic, a stake and silver bullets::::::

We didn’t pilfer, we borrowed. When we are done with them we will return them to their rightful owners.
Provided they have proof that such hills existed.

Gah… what’re the chances? Too funny.

You, sir, are encouraging the murder of conservatives in New Jersey during rioting. I suggest you apologize publicly for your views.

And december, I do hope that your wife had no troubles at work, I don’t mean to make light of any possible problems.

Wha—??? I think you got Black Out Hysteria or something.