In Which a Terrible Abuse is Prevented by Alert Servants of the Corporation

Aha, they got me!

Although I very seldom have to work any overtime at my job, I was called on to work a half-hour of overtime last pay period. Just 30 minutes, no biggie. And I received formal permission to charge it, too:

Well, today the accounting folks pounced:

It’s the same amount of time as it would be in any other week, but because they had to give me a day off (stupid servicepeople-dying-in-wars, what do THEY have against the business owner???) their own rules exempt them from having to pay me time-and-a-half! You see, holidays are paid like work, but because we’re not actually suffering, they don’t count as “real” work.

Good shot, chaps!

I’ll have to amend the timesheet. After my supervisor rejects it, which he hasn’t been able to do, so he has a call in to the HR folks. But soon, the combined efforts of myself, my supervisor, at least one HR person, and several people in accounting will manage to save the firm the crushing expense of 15 minutes worth of my hourly rate (the “half again” part of time-and-a-half for the 30 minutes), while at the same time managing, in a small way, to make holidays a tiny bit less fun.

What a bunch of petty bitches.

At my last job, I took enough sick time to run out and not get paid anymore. But what about all of the unpaid overtime I was putting in? Late nights every night, and every weekend for the entire summer – which is probably what made me sick in the first place. “We’ll look into that.” Yeah, right.

Make sure to bill them for the time you spend fixing this.

I am sure someone in the accounting department is really patting him or herself on the back for catching this! Everyone knows that if you give an employee an inch, they’ll take a mile. I, for one, welcome our new nit-picking overlords.

Well, except that they’re not new; I understand they prevented Urgah from getting a bonus for inventing the wheel.

For me, the best part is the tiny sliver of satisfaction I get from knowing that based on how many people are involved, and the extent of all the involvement, they wasted far more money than they saved. Yay team!

Plus, now you know to tell your manager to get bent on OT during a holiday pay period, and can cite it.

Not only did they deny him the bonus, but the patent went to the company instead of Urgah!

Meh. I would understand pitting the policy, but I don’t see what’s wrong with enforcing it. And I would bet the problem was caught bu a computer or someone applying simple rules, not by some eagle-eyed accountant looking to scrooge out each penny they can find.

Speaking from the payroll and accounting office (yeah, the one who has to do this all the time), it isn’t just you, it is the FLSA.

It is entirely normal, expected, and exhaustively explained over and over to managers that overtime pay cuts in after 40 hours worked time. That’s how the rules work. If your company is anything like the one’s I’ve worked for, this happens dozens of times every payroll in which a holiday falls, so nobody put themselves out to find your particular mistake - it was kicked out of the payroll system automatically and generated an e-mail similar to the dozens of other e-mails that went out that payroll.

So if you can be annoyed at “losing” 15 minutes of pay I can be annoyed at the amount of additional time I spend every holiday payroll explaining the same damn rules to the same damn people. And as a salaried employee, I don’t get paid any extra if it takes me over 40 hours worked that week.

So there.

But the part that’s not necessarily obvious is that holiday time doesn’t count as “worked time.” I wonder what the rationale is for that?

I’ve worked places that count Holiday Pay as “time worked”. Used to piss of the HR drones when they’d try to take the time back, but the policy never got changed at any of the places.

You don’t have enough flair, either.

I’ve noticed that.

And did you get that memo about how you’re supposed to put the new covers on the TPS reports?

They sound like perfect …

Well, because it wasn’t actually worked. The rationale is that overtime kicks in at 40 hours, always. If you have a holiday, and thus don’t get to 40 hours “normally”, good for you, but you don’t get comped time for it.

There’s arguments either way. If the system was clearly explained, I don’t think it’s unfair.

Unfortunately none of the available fonts are boring enough to convey the banality of the lines in the movie…

I don’t get paid overtime. You got paid for working 40.5 hours this week despite working only 32.5 and you are whining that you can’t get paid overtime for that remaining 0.5? Give a break.

Here, it’s state labor law. OT is only payable for hours actually worked, so if I had worked on Memorial Day, for example, I’d get eight hours of straight time for Monday, plus the 32 hours for Tuesday - Friday and 8 hours holiday pay, all at the regular rate. No OT rate for any of it.

The new owners of the company I work for bought five stores locally. My store and another are fairly close together - about a twenty minute drive time. These assholes are so cheap they often will send out the paychecks for both stores in one envelope meaning that someone from one store will have to drive to the other one to pick up their checks. And I’m sure said employee clocks in to do it. So they’re actually spending more than if they’d just mailed the paychecks to each individual store. The fuck?