In which I cough up the cash

So my trial membership would’ve ended tommorrow. Can’t have the good Dopers deprived of that old Oakie Magic, so I am now an official, paid up member. I’m assuming I am thusly entitled to pie. I’d like chocolate creame pie, of the sort commonly sold at Picadilly and/or Morrison’s Cafeteria. Maybe two slices. It’s good stuff. Y’all are stuck with me for the next year, be it for good or ill.

As a special “Pirates of the Caribbean II” tie-in, Davy Jones will be hosting the initiation ceremony.

Just step this way…

(And welcome!)

Only if you come back. You were away?

One of us! One of us!

Good to hear!

No no no, you’re the one who brings pie. We supply the squid and goats.

Squid and goats to initiate a druid? That ain’t gonna work out so well, what with Dire Charm and natural druidic affinity to animals and all. Me, Calamari, and Billy may just take over this place… :smiley:

Nope. These are special attack squid that care not about druid-dom.

They’re also ill-tempered and have metal reinforced beaks.

This is why Karana gives his druids strong immobilization and damage over time magic, along with visually impressive instant damage, powerful heals, and when all else fails, enhanced running speed :wink:

You don’t understand. The squid are infallible. They’ve never lost.

They also know Dispel Magic and Grand Druid Impaling Tentacle Level Bajillion.

Oakminster, you have made one grave mistake.

You are suppose to bring the pie. :wink:

Glad you are official now, watch out for room 4 or was it room 6, I forget.
I think the squid in question is a denizen of Cthulu and thusly your Druidic powers will have little affect of the nasty bloke. I think you will have no problem with the Goats.

Usually someone will wander along with offers of Margaritas, in the meantime, Crack a beer and enjoy the ride.


Welcome a-board, enjoy your stay, and don’t worry, you’ll get used to the smell.

[sub] Checks references - goat feces, goat feeding, Ah, goat felching![/sub]

Here are the margaritas! Salt or no? Frozen or on the rocks?

I’m sure you already know to watch out for the cats. They tend to avoid initiations, though. Something about squid slime…

Didn’t you mention that you looked something like one of the Van Zant brothers?

Indeed. I look something like Ronnie Van Zant. Blonder, but similar length hair, facial structure, etc.

If it’s good for ancient Druids,
Runnin’ nekkid through the wuids,
Drinkin’ strange fermented fluids,
It’s good enough for me!

(Only druid-related quote I could think of)

Surely you mean you look like he used to look? No?

Ouch. How about I look something like he did in the concert footage that survives? I prefer to think he and Elvis are still with us somehow…