In Which I Pit the Girl Who Took My Virginity

So I call up this girl who I’d been talking with online for a few months. We talk for something like six hours. So I call her up again the next day. I should come over to her place and watch a movie.

She only lives 45 minutes away. I think, what the hell? So I go.

I get there, we go rent Donnie Darko, and go to her living room couch to ignore the movie. At least, I did. I just played with her hair and her eyebrow piercing. And I couldn’t help but wonder if I was poking her the whole time she had her head in my lap.

The movie is over. I ask her if I should turn off the TV. She says sure. So we go and just kind of lay there for a while. Her hands start moving, as do mine. We make out for a while. I call her on a comment she had made the night before about how she gave great head. She proceeded to demonstrate. It’s not bad. Not great, but not bad.

She wants me, she says. I’m like, let’s go. Do I have a condom? Nope. Is she on the pill? Yes.

So, we go at it for a while. She gets off, I don’t. She pauses for a while after her orgasm. She asks me what I want to do. We go at it for a while longer. She’s talking dirty. I’m getting nowhere.

She gives me some more head. Nothing happens. She gets tired. I get up and leave.
Frankly, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Uuuhmmmm, so…you weren’t able to come? Not a big deal. Happens to everyone. Really.

But don’t go shagging strange chicks from the internet without a condom. That’s just begging for bad news.

Read this line again, please.
Hope next time is better. Often is, once the “pressure” is off.
Now go back and read friedo’s quote again.
Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Yeah, yeah. I know, I know.

All about the positions man. Some increase sensation for the girl, some for the guy. If you want more detail, just ask and someone will help you out I’m sure.

Never, ever believe a girl when she says she’s on the Pill. Assume that she is either lying or she’s telling the truth but has missed a pill or two and protect yourself accordingly.

See, some women have been known to lie about that in the hopes of getting pregnant and trapping some guy into 18 years of child support.

wags finger
You put that condom on no matter what, young man!

I didn’t come my first time either.

No glove, no love baby.


Seriously, I’m with Snoopyfan on this one. Never take a girls word that she’s on the pill. Specially if you don’t know her all that well. Not to mention the fact that doing so is a great way to get an STD.

Sucks that you didn’t get there, but on the upside, at least you didn’t last a whopping 30 seconds like the guy I lost my virginity to. And a whole lotta times after that.

I guess I should say, welcome to our world.


Aside from the stupidity of having unprotected sex, I’m curious as to why your lack of enjoyment leads you to pit her? Seems like she did what she could and you just weren’t feeling it. No problem there – except that I fail to see why it becomes entirely her fault.

I agree with Jodi. Aside from her foolish inclination to ride ‘bareback’, she seems like a wonderful person. Or, at the very least, a great date.

Wait a minute, first date and she gives you a blowjob and sex and you’re complaining?! :eek:

I didn’t either (but then with me it was a whole host of body issues … raised Catholic, etc). Looking back on that first weekend, things could have gone a lot worse (we didn’t stop after the first time or the fifth). We’re fortunate that they didn’t. But think, really:

Do you know she has no diseases?

Does she know you have none?

Do you know she is on the Pill?

Does she know that you’ll support her, whatever happens (the Pill doesn’t prevent every single pregnancy)?


Wait a minute, she TOOK your virginity??!! What, you mean she raped you?! No, my friend, you gave it away. And if your going to allow your first sexual experience to be with some random girl you barely know, rather than waiting until you’re in a loving, committed relationship, frankly, you deserve not to come. And please take a minute to think about the girl’s feeling, because I’m betting she’s not feeling too great either. If that’s your attitude to women, you’ll be lucky if you ever get laid again.

ehh… Jenny, I partly agree. Pitting this girl because he didn’t come is kinda lame; there are plenty of reasons for finding it difficult the first time and it sounds like she did her best, or a credible imitation of it. OTOH, ripping Ashtar a new one is a little rough, unless you’re prepared to state that any girl who comes to you with a sob story over her first time is going to get the same treatment. Also, more flies with honey, und so witer.

LordAshtar, you and this girl need to talk, possibly, because Jenny’s quite right about this at least: she is very possibly feeling terrible. Heed the good advice on this thread and better luck next time. She’s done nothing pittable. It’s not like she got you to make her come and then kicked you out with never a thankyou nor thought for your pleasure.

:smiley: at Ryle Dup, agreeing with every word.

Ya know, I don’t think Lord Ashtar deserves such a kind and generous woman…


“OTOH, ripping Ashtar a new one is a little rough, unless you’re prepared to state that any girl who comes to you with a sob story over her first time is going to get the same treatment. Also, more flies with honey, und so witer.”

Anyone who treats another human being with so little respect is going to get the same treatment from me.

Another point occurs to me. You say she came, you didn’t - how sure can you be that she did? Girls, especially in their earlier sexual relationships, quite often fake orgasms in a misguided attempt to make YOU feel better (we understand what a fragile thing the male ego can be), or, if she’s not enjoying herself, in an effort to speed things along to a conclusion. As it was your first time, it’s unlikely you’d be able to tell if she was faking. Besides, it’s not a competition, or a case of her “owing” you an orgasm - it should be an expression of love and passion, not a race to the finishing line! Perhaps you should remain celibate until you’re mature enough to realise that.

I’m sorry Ashy baby… next time will be better :smiley:

I promise :wink:

Is it ironic that this comes from someone with the username of “spooje”?

[Edna Krabappel]

She’s faking it!

[/Edna Krabappel]