In Which Lady Gaga Shocks Thailand

By tweeting, shortly after her arrival Wednesday, that she’s going to go buy a fake Rolex. She’s here right now for a Friday-night concert. Has received saturation coverage. Then she tweets that and pisses off a lot of Thais. Story here, but it’s been all over the local news.

I say if they don’t want people talking about buying fake Rolexes, then don’t fucking sell fake Rolexes. You’d think that would be a no-brainer.

No one likes their country associated in the main with fraud.

Especially when it’s true.

And for accomodating pedophiles! You can’t forget that jewel in Thailand’s crown.

Actually that’s been cleaned up to a large extent. The pedos nowadays tend to go to Cambodia, but the taint remains. That may be due at least partly to the focus being on foreign pedophiles. It’s not wise for a foreign pedo to try to be active here anymore, but Thai pedos are not gone after as aggressively unless a case becomes high profile.

That sounds… physiologically complex.

Thailand is not in the main associated with fraud. Thailand is in the main associated with whores.

I peed a little in my pants.

So your taint is…
…tainted now?

She’s a New Yorker; she should know she can get a perfectly good fake Rolex right here on Canal Street.

Dunno about the “perfectly good” part. My brother bought one and the crown snapped off about five minutes later.

She should have said she was going to check out the blowjob bars. No controversy over that… :wink:

There’s no pride in counterfeiters in the US any more. :smiley:

That’s what happens when you outsource production. :smiley:

My fake Canal Street Rolex lasted a good… five or ten years… had to change the battery a few times, but still worked.

Thailand must be a dream come true for professional shockers like Gaga. Or is it simply pathetically low-hanging fruit?

Band name!

You 1% get all the breaks, don’t you?

Well, she did head straight to Calypso Cabaret after arriving. It’s a big transvestite show in the Asia Hotel. She went backstage and congratulated all the performers. I think the squealing could be heard all the way over in Burma.

The concert sems to have gone well. No doubt the handful of people who boycotted the show really taught her a lesson. :rolleyes: You can see a slideshow of the preshow crowd here.

1% of tourists who are willing to take 20 dollar flyer on a fake Rolex?

What’s so great about a Rolex anyway? Serious question.

(If wanna know the time, I check my cell phone display.)

For me? Nothin’

The real ones are very precise time pieces, as I understand it, with high quality materials. The one I got was just a sharp looking watch for a really good price.

I have always worn a watch even when carrying around two cell phones 24/7.