In which Ohio becomes awesome, for a moment, in the mid 1980s.

Whilst writing about the Yardbirds hit single “For Your Love” for my rock history class, I stumbled upon a track listing for the album of the same name, where the last track was a cover of “My Girl Sloopy” (aka “Hang On Sloopy”). I clicked on same, and was taken to this page where I did find The Most Awesome Piece of Legislature Ever:

A much better choice would be “Whip It” by Devo.

It may also help to know that “Hang On Sloopy” is/was frequently covered by marching and/or pep bands at Ohio State University, and therefore also at many Ohio high schools (including mine).

Funk 49 by the James Gang.

EVERY high school pep band I have ever heard plays Hang on Sloopy. And I’m in California, so I doubt that there is that much reasoning behind that.

Yeah, but I bet that in California they don’t go O!-H!-I!-O! in the middle of the song.

Point granted.

I didn’t know it was that universal. Ohioans do tend to claim it as their own, anyway, which may have been some of the reasoning for the legislature.

Not to take anything away from Ohio, but I think Idaho’s resolution on Napoleon Dynamite is some pretty sweet legislation. It includes the famous clause :

They’ve still got a way to go before the match the awesome coolness of Kentucky’s legislature and HR256

They even included a provision to notify the Casinos of their impending whoopin’! :cool:

It’s amazing to me that this fun fact was posted to two different threads in the same day (once by me). Link