In which RTFirefly pits self for being unfair to Weirddave

I have been unfair to Weirddave. I’ve been irrationally attacking him over what was clearly nothing more than an accidental omission of a word on his part. This occurred in the Lieberman may bolt from Dems GD thread. As he says in post #88 of that thread:

Unquestionably so. What Weirddave posted in post 51 of that thread was:

So Weirddave left out ‘procedure’ and I relentlessly attacked him over this trivial mistake.

Relentlessly, I tell you. My attack began with post 55:

See? I was foaming at the mouth, right off the bat. Inexcusable!

Along about post 57, BrainGlutton joined in, making us a two-man lynch mob, when he also pointed out the error to Weirddave:

Weirddave, responding to BrainGlutton’s savage attack, courteously acknowledged his error in Post 63, saying:

After this acknowledgement and rectification of his initial error, it was unthinkable that I’d continue to bring it up, but I did. In post 71, Homebrew, clearly not understanding the graciousness with which Weirddave had acknowledged his mistake, asked:

To which Weirddave elaborated further in post 73 on how he’d simply gotten his wording wrong, and was merely trying to correct the record:

Which makes my atttack on Weirddave in post 78 even more irrational:

Couldn’t I see that Weirddave had acknowledged and corrected his factual error? How could I have missed it?

Yet, after some more back-and-forth between BrainGlutton and Weirddave, I had the nerve (in post 86) to keep on jumping on Weirddave, ignoring his repeated concessions and corrections:

Which is what Weirddave was responding to in his post (#88) in that thread which I quoted at the top of this post.

One who flouts the norms of GD in such a manner as I have done here clearly deserves to be Pitted. But Wierddave is too gentlemanly a poster to do so. So after having considered the matter for the past day and a half, I have come to the conclusion that if he won’t Pit me for this irrational behavior of mine, I must do so myself. Mea culpa.

I must also take my share of the responsibility for hijacking the Lieberman thread into yet one more re-fight of the Florida 2000 fiasco (by my repeated attacks on Weirddave enumerated above, all of which had to do with Florida 2000), and thereby playing my part in, as Weirddave puts it,

The onus is clearly on hyperliberals like BrainGlutton and myself for refusing to drop the issue. Lord knows, Weirddave was upset when we brought up the subject in post 41, and tried numerous times to direct the thread back to Lieberman’s possible independent bid, which had been its original topic. But we, in our obsession over the 2000 election, would not be dissuaded.

We ought to have some kind of “irony” smiley, but this is the best I can do:


This thread is so deep into Gen X territory that I can’t even tell if it’s being ironic anymore.

But I wish you two would get over your hard ons for each other and move on. Both of you.

You’re a fine one to talk about moving on after cracking a Gen X joke.

I approve of this Pitting. Obviously, RTFirefly, you should seriously consider whether you’re actually just a troll and that’s why you just can’t seem to stop acting like a stupid jerk. One wonders exactly how much evidence and reports have to pile up before people like you, who spread inflammatory bullshit all over GD, are finally extracted and thrown in the Incinerator of Banning like the cancerous growth they are on this community. I mean, dave is such a fine, upstanding poster. Frankly, to even begin to imply that perhaps he made an erroneous factual statement is so beneath contempt I’m surprised he didn’t actually come to your house and spit on you instead of showing such restraint with his ‘kyoot’ comment. For shame, RTFirefly. For shame.

I can just feel the love in this room.

There ain’t enuf smilies in the world…

Oh, lordy.

I know I used to like Weirddave; I don’t know if his conduct in these threads has gotten worse or if I’ve just started noticing it more. Christ was that a pathetic display on his part.

Can someone catch a brother up? Is this one of those new-fangled Un-Pittings?


Oh grow the fuck up Kim. You don’t do sarcasm very well at all.

Remember, Dave. Move on.

You’re both my pals. It hurts me right in my empty, deadened heart to see you two beating on each other.

I guess I’ll just have to beg your forgiveness for that too. :slight_smile:

bangs head into wall

Yanno, as a MAD, this is simultaneously really amusing (since I am able to imagine this going on live-action) and kinda sad. However, y’all got lint older’n I, so ain’t no way I’m gonna try to play Jimmy Carter here.

(I’m actually curious about how this plays out, but not enough so to load a GD thread about politics.)

When did your heart first become “deadened?” Serious question.

(In an attempt to disrail this stupidity)

He’s a published author. (Serious answer.)

Huh. I thought he had to be an editor before that happened.

Sadly, I’ve committed editing in the past and feel so little remorse I’m planning to do it again.

As for writing, the WSJ will do that to you. It’s part of their contract.

But the worst is selling advertising. Trust me on this one.

Best I’ve seen it done yet in this forum!

Yes, carry on with that! :slight_smile: