In which SPOOFE asks for help regarding Quake 3

Okey-dokey. I just downloaded the Urban Terror TC for Quake 3. It’s fun, it’s enjoyable… it’s essentially Counterstrike with Q3 graphics. It’s a well-made program… lots of weapons (woohoo, an H&K G36 rifle… impressive), and huge levels. But it came with its own installer, meaning that you don’t have to fiddle with all the “copy such-and-such into your Quake3 directory”…

But my interest in TC’s has been piqued. So I go out and hunt for some other ones. However, the couple that I downloaded (including a Metroid-3D TC test) don’t come with an auto-installer, nor do they come with instructions on how to make the things work. They simply say “Copy blah-blah into the Quake3 directory”… and when I do, nothing. I start the game… nothing. I load up the Mods section… nothing.

So, what’m I doing wrong? I jumped on the bandwagon of this stuff rather late in the game, and now it’s all going over my head. Help me, Teeming-Wan Kemillions! You’re my only hope!

Make sure that when you unzip the packages - your WinZip setting that says something like “Use Folder Settings” is checked… Then Unzip to your Quake3 directory.

To use the mod - it they set it up right, it should be listed on the mods menu - if they set it up right.

If not IIRC you can create a shortcut to quake3.exe and add

-set game whatever

afterwards, whatever being the name of the folder that the unzipping created off of the quake3 directory. Hope this helps…

You could just use winzip to extract directly into the directory, most of these MODS simply go into the Quake 3 directory in a folder of their own which is named after the MOD.

Alternatively could could extract into some other folder you create and then cut and paste, a bit clumsy but it should work.

Try out the Excessive MOD and the Railarena ones, you need a good connection to play them online.

A big helpful tip for you is to learn how to use the console and its commands, if you put out a search, something like Quake AND console, you should get plenty of hits.

By setting up your game configuration using the console commands you can make a vast improvement to the gamespeed, if you don’t you will find that all the good players already have done so and you will get wasted.

Alternatively I could give you whole list of various console commands but you won’t learn much that way.

Ooh, muchas grassy-ass, my friends.