In Which The Doper Twins Twicks and Baker Turn The Big 6-0

Happy 60th birthday to the doper twins Twicks our mod with the most, and Baker aka, Death Mistress of The CDP.

From the Episcopal Church Book of Common Prayer:

Watch over thy child, O Lord, as her days increase; bless and
guide her wherever she may be. Strengthen her when she
stands; comfort her when discouraged or sorrowful; raise
her up if she fall; and in her heart may thy peace which
passeth understanding abide all the days of her life;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Oh my, oh my, oh my.

Why is the screen getting blurry?

Thany you so much, I needed this.

Whoa, wait - Baker and Twix are twins? Like, sisters? I must have missed a memo or something!

In any event, happy birthday to both of you!

Sisters of different mothers and different fathers. :smiley:

Happy birthday to you both! Your colorful greetings were posted in the MMP earlier - this one is a bonus! :wink:

FCM, send me the apple cake recipe, will you?:stuck_out_tongue:

There once was a thread to see when Dopers had their birthdays. Twix and I found out that not only were we both NYE babies, but both born in 1954.

Check your PM! :smiley:

Happy Birthdays!

Happys Birthdays tos Yous Boths.


60??? Seriously??? Baker is a mystery but I’ve seen pictures of Twicks and I ain’t buying it.

But happy ones for you both nonetheless.

Happy 29th Birthday, ladies!!

Don’t care what the calendar says, you’re 29 to me.

A double suck-up.

Happy Birthday girls!

*<shameless bid for attention>
*I’m nearly a year older than they are and you’ve met me - do I look nearly 61???


'Cause goodness knows, I don’t act like it!

One of my favorite jokes about age goes:

The ten best years of a woman’s life are those between thirty-nine and forty.

Thanks, everyone! I was planning to PM my twin with a “WTF, do you believe it?” greeting later, but this is even better!

Yeah, 60 – and I don’t feel a day older than 59. :wink:

You are only young once, but you can be immature forever. And, it’s never too late to have a happy childhood!

Shodan Who Feels the Cold Breath of 59 Breathing Down His Neck

Convert to base 12 and you’re only 50!

Just don’t think in terms of dog years.


Too bad y’all don’t live in the same town. Just think, y’all could hit Denny’s for the early bird special together. :smiley:

Is that how you spent *your *60th, geezerbear??