In which the low cal version tastes better.

Iced tea with Sweet n Low tastes better than iced tea with sugar.

Fresca is the best soda on the planet.

Soda pop, especially Coke.

Also reduced fat Pringles.

Philadelphia cream cheese, has the same flavor and the original is too gooey, but then I also prefer skim milk…if its Kemps, any other brand is just water with white specks in it.

Oh yeah, I forgot about skim milk. Skim milk is the best.

You people are all dead to me.

Although I do hold that the tofu pad ka pow at my local Thai place tastes better than the versions with meat.

I like the low-sodium V8 better than regular V8. Regular is too salty for me. Low-sodium is more tomato-ey.

When I make the boxed mac & cheese I make it with half the butter and water instead of milk. I prefer it that way.


Crazy talk. I can’t drink any other milk than whole.

Diet Pepsi and Hostess Reduced Fat Cupcakes. The breakfast of champions. At least this champion.


Soda, but with a caveat. Regular sodas are something I really like, but only want infrequently. Diet soda is something I can drink…way too much.

I also like Baked Lays chips more than normal Lays, but admittedly less than better brands of fried chips.

Oh, and it’s hardly a “healthy” food, but I think I like fresh Krispy Kreme donuts better without the sugar glaze.

I prefer Buitoni’s reduced-fat pesto to the regular version.

Kraft Light Smooth Peanut Butter is far better than the regular one.

No! That would be Kroger brand Cola OH!

Good stuff! I like it better than real Coke.

Soda…I much prefer a LaCroix (flavored club soda) which has no sweeteners nor sugars.
If I can’t get a club soda I prefer diet soda over sugar because I think it tastes better.

Back in my less wealthy times I would make Kool-Aid using twice the packets with half the sugar.

Reduced-fat Cheez-its are crunchier than regular Cheez-its.

My cola drink of choice in Australia is Pepsi Max. It is the most popular diet drink on the market. It is not the same as products with the same name sold elsewhere.

Straight iced tea without sweetener beats both. :smiley:
I think I prefer the sour cream and onion baked Lay’s to the fried version.

This one for sure. I prefer the spicy version and I know they make a low-salt type of it as well, but they don’t stock it around my little town.

Smucker’s reduced sugar strawberry preserves and orange marmalade. However, the “all-natural” versions keep crowding those out of the market. I haven’t been able to find the marmalade in ages.

People! Fruit juices that have been so heavily filtered you can’t taste the flavor of the original fruit anymore are no better for you that sugar! Get the reduced sugar varieties instead!
Actually, what I really like now is strawberry freezer preserves, but I no longer have the energy to make that.