What lite version do you prefer over the original?

They’re not all bad. I actually prefer lite Philadelphia cream cheese to the original, it spreads better on a hot bagel and tastes better.

I drink exclusively nonfat milk. I’m so used to it it that anything else tastes like I’m just drinking lard.

Low sodium soy sauce.
Diet Dr. Pepper
Low fat sour cream - though that one took a while to get used to

Interesting. Sugar Free Dr Pepper was the only diet soft drink I could ever tolerate (way back, before Diet Dr Pepper).

Litely salted pringles. They’re also nearly as low-fat as the lite pringles, but damn tasty!

Diet Coke.

Coke Zero, though, is bottled pesticide.

Miracle Whip Lite
Diet Coke
Lays Lightly Salted Chips
Skim Milk
Low Fat No Sugar Ice Cream
Ball Park Lite Franks

Hellman’s Lite Mayonnaise
Diet Mountain Dew

Coke Zero.

Diet Coke, though, is bottled pesticide. :wink:

Lean Pockets Cheeseburger flavor. Very difficult to find in the store, but so much yummier than any of the regular Hot Pockets.

Part Skim Ricotta. I bought the full fat stuff once for a dinner party lasagne, figuring it would be even more rich and decadent. It was, I guess, but not in a good way.

I came in to mention Hellmans Light Mayo - I now like it much better than the regular kind, but I don’t care for the low-fat one.

Trying to think whether there are other products I like the light version better.

Dr. Pepper 10 - even better than diet dr p
Diet Mountain Dew
Lay’s Wavy lite salt potato chips - perfection with dips/salsa
Non-fat milk - I only use milk in cooking, so any help in the fat dept is helpful
Iced tea - I make my super sweet Southern style tea with mostly Splenda and a smidge of sugar
Light cream cheese (not fat free, which I think is awful)
Turkey franks - lightly grilled and topped with fixins, I can’t really tell they’re turkey

I’ve accidentally bought turkey insert random cold cut here more than I care to admit, and haven’t gotten hooked on any of them.

Low sodium soy sauce

Diet Pepsi

Regular hot dogs are too greasy for my taste. Back when lived near a Wegmans, I used to get a brand of reduced-fat dogs that was better than any other brand of hot dog, regular or lite, I’ve ever bought in a store. I’m pretty sure they were was Zweigle’s Lite Frankfurters, which the Wegmans website tells me are made from beef and pork. Most reduced-fat franks are made with chicken or turkey, which is an abomination.

I generally prefer sugar-free soda. Sugary soda is too sticky.

Minute Maid Light Lemonade is my crack. Seriously, I recently realized that I order it by the gross (144 cans approximately once a month).

I also don’t keep any sugar in my house (I don’t bake). I substitute Sweet 'N Low or Splenda wherever appropriate.

Low sodium wheat thins

Low sodium soy sauce

Diet caramel dip for apples and such

Low fat sour cream

On the rare occasions I want it ( I do have some in the fridge now ) I will only eat the 2% version of cottage cheese ( Knudsen pink package, small curd ). All large curd cottage cheese, the full fat stuff AND the non-fat stuff suck :).

Diet Mt. Dew.

I don’t always drink Miller beer, but when I do, I prefer Miller Lite.