In your FACE, you cheap prick!

Well, former boss and noted cheap prick, I sincerely hope you’re a lurker on these boards and see this. Remember last September when you called me and the other senior manager into your office and “downsized” us without notice or cause? Remember how much pleasure you got from that (yes, I have a mole in your office, motherfucker)? You know how you were counting on not having to pay out the bonus money owed to us and thus fatten your own bank account at our expense? Did you REALLY think that, as senior managers, we wouldn’t have the smarts to come after what was due us?

Well, fuck you up the ass, you bald cocksucker, and I hope you went out and put a down payment on a Mercedes with the money you thought you were getting, because the check is in the mail to both of us. That’s $24K, pal, that you didn’t manage to fuck us out of. Aw, does it burn? Is that trip to Disneyworld off, you semi-pedophilic asshole? Hey, just what is it with you and coaching softball teams of young nubile girls: why so many more girls on your teams than on any other team? And why is it that you NEVER mention your son, but get all weepy over your daughters? Hmmm? Interested parties would really like to know.

So fuck you and your sock-puppet management style and your phony comraderie that fools nobody; your cheap hotdog “barbeques” and your insulting manner. And most of all, fuck your cheap prick tactics to increase the bottom line, no matter the personal cost. I’m sure knowing that the other manager is still out of work gives you a frisson of pleasure every time you think of it. I just wish there was some way to really rub salt in the wound, but most things I can think of have legal consequences.

You should send him a picture of yourself covered in your cut of the money a la American Beauty.

I think I’ll give that an 8 out of 10. Bravo!

And well done for standing up for what was yours.

What’s “semi-pedophilic”? Nothing past dry-humping?

Nice rant, but one issue. My wife and I coach girls high school volleyball. Some of the girls we’ve coached from elementary school. My son (who lives with his mother out of state) takes part in no sports, so when the subject of children and sports comes up, I only talk about my daughter, who is on the team we coach. Given that, you might also consider me a semi-pedophile.

Other than that, congrats on getting what was yours…

Yeah, fuck that guy!

Another vote for Dante’s suggestion. Fuck that guy.

Not literally, of course.

I used to coach little league boys. I was pressed for time this morning and didn’t elaborate more about this angle. Parents have refused to allow their girls to play on his teams. His teams have far more ‘reserve’ members than any other teams. He’s WAY over-avuncular in the workplace and chastises young women for their off-work activities when he hears about them, and has even done so in writing. The guy is a sleaze.

Carry on then. :smiley:

Way to go. I never did like your ex-boss, Chefguy.

Woot!!! I hope that he gets the news in a very public manner.

Congratulations on your victory! Enjoy your day.

Oh, he knows, all right. He had to send the letter that notified us of the payment. Had to hurt like a mo-fo, as I know for a fact that he was trying to weasel out of it based on the fact that they gave us a month’s severance. I’m sure he’s walking around with a very uncomfortable lower tract feeling at this point.

Even better, I’m sure he got an ass-chewing from his boss for paying out a partial bonus to another former employee just to shut her up. Does the word “precedent” have any meaning for you, asshole?

Good on you.

How did you and the other guys “go after” prick boy?

It was what is called a “performance based contract” by the government. The company is given a percentage of a pool of money, based on how they are evaluated during the year. Bonuses are determined by a formula that takes into account the amount paid and how your department was rated. Both of us had taken our departments from a ‘satisfactory’ rating to an ‘excellent’ rating and earned the bonus during our tenure. We both sent letters to the guy explaining why we were owed the money (since it’s performance-based), particularly since we had been there during the entire award period. I also threatened an audit if I didn’t think the check was correct.

Anyone who refers to hotdogs as “barbeque” deserves whatever is coming to them.

So, dinner’s on you, then?

$24k added onto a month’s pay makes your new job hunt a little more bearable, huh?

My cut is half that, and I found another job right away, but it will sure be nice for the other guy who is still looking for work and has a mortgage to pay.