Inappropriate, but funny?

I was at a party tonight. Mostly of older ( 60 ish) folks. A classy woman was walking out on to the balcony, unfortunately the glass door was closed. She ran straight in to it. Did the guy who was standing next to her ask if she was OK? If she needed help? No. he just said…
“I saw a bird do that once.”
Inappropriate, but funny? Yes! Your offerings…

I vote for funny.

My mom did this and blamed it on my son, for closing the door on her.

Hey, after 74 years of ambulation, you would think that looking where the hell you are going would be “worked-in”, so to speak.

Honestly, blaming a five-year-old! :smiley:

Naw, not inappropriate, and yes funny.

Hell, I’ve done that once or twice myself. Highly embarrasing. But we have to laugh at ourselves occasionally, right?

I’ve done LOTS worse and I aint even senile…yet. :o

No, that’s really funny. Great comeback. Had I been the one who walked into a door (and I probably would have been), I’d have laughed.

Happened to my SIL a few months back - my brother closed the glass door and SIL smacked into it at speed, nose-first! She needed cosmetic surgery to fix her broken nose! OOPS!!!

I’m a bad Mother. A Very Bad Mother.

My daughter has not yet learned the art of “looking where she is going.”

Yes, I saw her giggling and running towards her high chair. I saw her turn her head to make sure I was chasing her. I saw her turn her head around just in time for the “SMASH!”

In her defense, she’s not quite two. And is quite the dork already.

Due to one of my cats having a problem with peeing on the bathroom rugs, we now keep said bathroom door closed.
It’s a white door located on a deep tan wall. Pretty obvious when closed.

TWICE now The Kid has walked right into it. THUD “OW!”

She has also attempted to walk though the screen sliding door on more than once.

However, I have been known to trip up stairs, whack my head on the corner soap dish in the shower, and I tend to trip over my feet.

Yes, it was funny. It doesn’t make the classy lady stupid, though. This is why some hotels have the logo etched into the glass doors at eye level. Every spring, I get screen marks on my nose, from walking into screen doors that weren’t there in the wintertime. One screen door has small pieces of tape at people and pet eye levels. :smack:

Funny but…
I new a kid who was very badly cut doing this. Of course, he was such a clod he did it twice.