Inconsequential things you want to admit but don't warrant an annonymous post

I was over on LJ lurking, people admitting to some very naughty things…hehe and it dawned on me that I have some things I would like to admit in public and while they are mildly embarrasing, they don’t warrant me or you or anyone to hide behind annonymous to be up front.

Okay so here it is:

I like Celine Dion…damnit I do. I don’t have any of her CDs but her latest CD seems like one I would like. I saw her on Oprah (another admission???) and she seemed like such a real person with some sense of who she is rather than who her celebrity is.

Okay so now you know I like Celine and Oprah.

One that is not so embarassing is that I love those popsicles that are red, white and blue. Those “bomb” pops…I love ending them with the raspberry flavored blueness and your tongue becomes this frightful blue/red/purple thing…

Well, out with it, tell us your cultural misgivings that if your friends were to see would roll their eyes about.

I mean come on, if I admitted to my best friend I like Celine Dion, she’d probably unfriend me so quick. BUT, she’s a serious John Denver fan so I can pull that out of my hat if it comes down to it.

Bomb pops are…the bomb, I guess. My favorite layer is the white lime one, but the whole thing is good.

Ooh, I have a few.

I really like musicals. Sometimes I idly wonder, “well, what if I never went to uni and got a job in a suit – I could be dancing and singing on stage for a living!”

Then I remember I have no talent.

I have a reputation for being a good listener and a supportive friend, but much of the time when people are whinging to me about their lives my eyes glaze over. Sometimes, I don’t really listen, I think about food, the beach and sunshine and sex. I’m just good at nodding sympathetically and saying the right platitudes, is all.

Alcoholic spirits make me throw up with embarrassing frequency. I don’t even have to be drunk, even – just sometimes when a shot or a cocktail hits my stomach, I can feel the undeniable urge to be sick. Then I excuse myself and throw up in the toilet. Then I return nonchalantly to the party or bar or whatever.

I am a Stealth Vomiter.

Bomb pops should be called, in the spirit of patriotic nonsense, Freedom Pops. :slight_smile:

Since we are close personal friends and only 36,003 will be reading this, I would like to share that occasionally I like to listen to Marty Robbins and listen to movies with classical-bent sound tracks, like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Psuedo-Classical. Psuedo-snob, that’s me.

Sometimes I call up friends at home while they are at work and I will, thanks to my new purchase of a portable record player, put on a favorite song of theirs from days-gone-by so that when they get home and hit Play on the answering machine, they will have a little smile waiting for them.

and the reason how I know they will like a specific song is because Mr. Ujest has a great quantity of his friends records from their teen age years, of which he feels some sort of bizarre guilt for holding on to them all these years, yet none of our friends have lamented over the loss of their collection.

I will start the message, " *And now, straight from your moldering record collection from our basement, I bring you The Michigan State Spartans Fight Song

[ [ If only I could get an album for Michigan, Ohio and Notre Dame, thus I can torture said friends their their alma mater loses as well.
What? Look, it could be worse. I could released back into the wild…you wouldn’t want to see that …would you?

I still like 80`s music.

And my first ever music purchase was a Wham! cassette. And I loved it!

Beat that now.

I think I can at least match you, maleinblack…the first musical act I saw perform live was Adam Ant (1983). And I loved it!

Not an admission, but I havn’t seen a ‘random pointless thoughts not worth a thread’ thread in a while.

How come Peanut Butter is combined with chocolate(which is a tasty plant extract combined with lots of sugar) it is unhealthy junk food, while if it is combined with jelly(which is a tasty plant extract combined with lots of sugar) it is a healthy meal? I have decided Peanut butter cups are a good lunch.

I finally caught Harry Potter the other day . What a stupid movie, he takes out the bad guy by touching him? what a crappy wuss out ending. And why was his touch deadly? Because his mom loved him? Apparently wizards are a really callous bunch cause a mom’s love makes them invincible, but none of the rest have figured that out yet.

So THAT’S why my priest keeps wanting to play Harry Potter…

My confession…I love old Gene Autry/Roy Rogers movies. Nothin’ like pulling out the old Colt to help 'em fend off the bad guys.

I know all the words to the entire score of “A Chorus Line” . I’m sooooo ashamed.

Okay, okay, I am not religious, but I enjoy the soundtracks to Jesus Christ, Superstar AND Godspell. Top that.

I refuse to believe that Rock Hudson or George Michael are/were gay. They are hotties!

Despite the trouble Pee Wee Herman is in. I still like his sense of humor.

I hate Dr. Phil. Everyone thinks he is a God. I say rubbish.

Can they not be gay AND be hotties? :confused:

I think gobear is just as cute as he can be and I didn’t think he was less attractive when I found out he was gay…

I’ve watched every single season of MTV’s real world. Really.

Oh, and I don’t care about the Red Sox game tonight.

Oh, and my admission…

I actually watched Paradise Hotel and got all wrapped up in the drama.

:stuck_out_tongue: I always thought the Godspell songs were kinda well-crafted, myself.

Well… I dig the Bee Gees and Iron Maiden. Often on the same day.
And I own almost every Kiss video in existence.

When I am alone (and it’s kinda been lapsing into times when I’m not lately) I talk to myself out loud. And responding. I’m not talking about like mental notes and stuff like that, I’m talking aboutactually holding a conversation with myself as if I were multiple people at once. But not like multiple personality, more like various sides of my personality verbalizing conversations amongst ourselves. And sometimes we get angry and yell at each other. And we gamble amongst ourselves about mundane shit.

Whew, good to get that off my chest.

And what’s wrong with John Denver?

When feeling sappy and pathetic, I pull out my favourite kiss scenes from films and watch them over and over again.

Top two kisses, and this is probably the more embarrassing part:

Keith and Watts, Some Kind of Wonderful
Lelana and Troy, Reality Bites

:hangs head in shame:

I am perfect. Sorry.

Wait. I bought Kylie Minogue’s live Fever concert DVD. I don’t like Kylie Minogue’s music. Fill in the blank.

Me too… I tried to quit, I really did! It just kept sucking me in…