Inconsiderate users of public transit: fuck off

You fucktards. I assume you’re regular users of public transit, but you still don’t get it, do you?

  • We were given laps to put our knapsacks and bags on. The seat next to you is not to put your fucking bag on, while others have to stand because you’re an inconsiderate prick.

  • Along those same lines, the empty seat next to you is not a fucking handrest. Some of us are bloody tired after work and would really like to sit down.

  • Don’t fucking put your feet up on another seat. Not only is it impolite, it keeps others from sitting down.

  • If someone is on the bus or train sitting by the window and gets off, slide the fuck over and let someone else sit down.

  • If you’ve been sitting next to me, then a single seat opens up, do you really have to move? You’ve already gotten my cooties by now.

  • People are made of molecules. Wait for me to get off the fucking train before you push your way on, just as I wait for you to get off before I try and get on.

  • Don’t come barrelling down the stairs when the train pulls into the station at rush hour. You will not make it, especially since there’s so many of us going up the stairs. Another train will be along in three minutes. Deal.

  • Be fucking on time for your bus. I am sick of my bus waiting at intersections up to five minutes for people to cross busy streets. I’m always on time for my bus. Why can’t you be? Take a later bus, if it’s a chronic problem.

  • Schoolkids: stop fucking screaming. I’ve had to change trains because of you. Shut the fuck up. Get some Ritalin® or something.

  • And, for the love of God, let people of impaired mobility sit down. Give up your seat. One day, you’ll be in the same position.

That it all.

  • s.e.

  • s.e.

Um, is it okay to put my backpack on the seat when the bus is almost empty, and then move it to my lap when people start getting on?

  • Don’t fucking put your feet up on another seat. Not only is it impolite, it keeps others from sitting down.

Oh, whenever I see this I want to just reach over and knock their feet off the seat with this “What the fuck you gonna do, punk” look on my face, and sit down.

I really have to disagree with this. I can’t find a cite right now so it may well be untrue, but I seem to remember reading that only about 3% of the people actually on Ritalin have a behavioral disorder. For the rest of them I think it’s just junk food and bad excersize and sleep habits. I could be wrong and I would welcome a link to a site with information either for or against this.

Also it seems to me that I have forgotten how to spell.

Oo. Let me add to your rant.

If you see me walk onto the bus with a service dog (in training or working with a disabled child) MOVE THE FUCK OVER. Those seats at the front of the bus are considered reserved for the elderly, the disabled, women with babies, and people who are injured/can’t walk easily, etc.

WHY the FUCK do I have to ask you three fucking times to move over? Why does the bus driver have to get involved to get you to move? Fuck yoooou!

Oh, and to the fat bitch that boards the bus at Blair station, who is twice as wide as she is high, and whose husband is a tall, skinny stringbean, stop yelling at him all the time. It’s abusive. Oh, and your fucking cadillac stroller? Shove it up your ass. It takes up the entire aisle!!! People get whacked in the knees when you come on board! First the stroller is larger than you are, second, well, you waddle and walk all over people. Not to mention the service/guide dogs. You’ve walked on one of my guys’ tail more than once. You keep rolling over his paws with your killer stroller. And then you have the nerve to give ME hell for taking up so much space in the aisle (with the guide/service dog.)

I love public transport. I really do. Some patrons/users should, however, be whapped upside the head with a brick-containg-sock.



2 incidents come to mind:

  1. 8 months pregnant. The only person who offered me a seat was on crutches. I made a point of thanking him loudly and watching the number of people going red faced and offering him their seat. he refused.

  2. carrying a 6 month old kid. Person would not pick up his bag to give me the only seat in the carrige. I picked up his bag and threw it to the other end of the carrige. Everyone else in the carrige laughs loudly. The wanker gets off at the next station yellinf f-words at me.

Stand to the fucking right, or the terrorists have already won.

Whatever it is, it’s fucking annoying. I was never like that at that age, and neither were my friends. I’m just sick of hearing screaming children anytime I dedide to take the metro home early.

Do a Google search.

It’s just annoying. I’m sure I was loud with my friends on he buses in Ottawa, so I can understand it. But it still pisses me the fuck off.

  • s.e.

Don’t sit in the middle of two seats.

Don’t eat, chew with your mouth open, and dribble.

Don’t finish your cigarette on the bottom step and blow a cloud of smoke into the bus. Some people have asthma, you dickwad. Some don’t want cancer. Finish the fucking thing off of the bus or get a patch.

Don’t flirt with me. I am not so desperate that I consider the bus to be a pickup joint. Especially not if you haven’t showered in a week and smell of smoke, old dogs, stale beer, and piss.

If someone is entering or exiting the bus on a wheelchair, get your head out of your ass and your feet out of the aisle. Don’t serve as our own little roadblock while said wheelchairbound person waits to get by.

Ooh, Blair Station. Nasty. Smells like urine. I have so many good/bad memories of that place. Let’s discuss.

  • s.e.

Some of us prefer having space to sitting next to strangers. Frankly, if you don’t move when there’s a single seat opening up, I’m going to get up from my inner seat and move over there, walking past you.

A train every three minutes? Isn’t it usually more like a train every 30-90 minutes?

Some people have to get on from other buses, some people had pressing matters at home, some people have to take care of children, and so on. There’s reasons, legitimate and not legitimate, for running late for a bus.

Yeah, I agree, some public transit users just don’t get it.

We’re talking metro/subway here, dear.

Actually, this came up recently. I moved when a seat opposite the Télécité display became empty, and the woman I’d moved away from glared at me. What? I like to watch Télécité. Leave me alone. defensive

The prodigal son speaks.

  • s.e.

:eek: Uh oh. You made fun of somebody’s weight. You’re in trouble now. :smiley:

Re: moving seats when one opens up. If we’re talking about a train with seats that face front and back, I move to a frontwards facing one ASAP, because the backwards facing ones give me motion sickness. Plus, I don’t like strangers in my personal space. I’m from the Prairies; we’re all like that there.

My peeve - walkmans cranked up so high that the whole bus/train gets treated to a high, whining version of whatever crap the kid involved is wrecking his hearing to. This is nails on a chalkboard to me. Oh, and sometimes, you get duelling walkmans - two or more people, all listening to different music with the volume turned way too high.

And you know those no-smoking signs in the bus and train shelters? They actually mean it - smoking in there is AGAINST THE LAW IN CALGARY. Yes, you’re kind of outside, but no, you can’t smoke. Step two feet to the left and go do it outside the shelter, please.

Sometimes when I’m in a bitchy mood and I recognize the music I’ll start singing along, loudly and badly. Sometimes the offender gets the hint and turns his music down. At the very least, whoever is picking my pocket at the moment might think twice about stealing my two dollars in mixed change and student ID.

You might like it, but Télécité doesn’t turn my crank, dear. I only pay attention to it when there’s a slowdown or shutdown. Plus, I find the opinionated ramblings of Daniel “RedDan” Tremblay annoying.

  • s.e.

A couple years ago, some woman got onto the shuttle bus that goes from the train station to my workplace. I wasn’t on my usual bus time, and hadn’t seen her before. I noticed as she got on that she had a cane, and obviously had been in some kind of accident. All of the seats were full, including the ‘disabled/elderly’ sections at the front of the bus. She moved back in the aisle as more people were coming on behind her, and when she got back to where I was sitting, I offered her my seat and she took it. Reminded me of the scene in Brazil where business men are sitting and reading the paper on a subway car while an obviously pregnant woman with one leg and a cane is balancing, holding onto a strap from the top of the car as it moves along.

I’ll admit I did the ‘feet on the seat’ (well, one foot) thing once, but I had a reason. I was leaving work early because I had bronchitis and was feeling awful. I stumbled getting off the bus at the train station, and hit the ground on my hands and knees. I scuffed them up, but my right knee was worst - small tear in my pants and bloodied the heck out of the knee. I limped into the train station and onto the train, and went up onto the second level where the individual seats are. I flipped one seat so that it faced me, and propped up my leg hoping it’d cut down on the swelling and stop the bleeding. There were plenty of other seats in the car and in that row, but some guy comes up the stairwell behind my seat, sees me sitting there with my foot on the seat, yanks my foot off and snaps something at me, then flips the seat back and sits in it. I’m too shocked to even say anything, plus my voice is hoarse from coughing, so I don’t. I really was going to wipe off the seat before I left - normally I don’t take an extra space even in a nearly empty car.

Why are you walking up the Down escalator? Ordinarily, I would agree with you, but this morning was an exception.

I’m going down the escalator just as the train is pulling in the station. If I had had a clear field in front of me, I could have made it easily, but NOOOOO, the lollygaggers in front of me were moving so slowly that glaciers would have looked zippy next to them. Since I’m not prepared to shove people out of the way, no matter how much I may want to, I had no choice but to stand and fume as I watched the train move out of the station, then wait for the next train, which took 6 minutes to arrive. Of course, catching a later train meant I had to catch a later transfer to the Blue Line, so I ended up later to work than I would have been. West Falls Church Metro Station only is serviced only by the Orange Line, and there are separate escalators for eastbound and westbound traffic, so it isn’t as if the people in front of me wanted to get on a different train. They’re just a bunch of damn lollygaggers!

And don’t get me started on tourists who stand on the left when I’m walking up the Dupont Circle escalator on the Red Line!

At the station I frequently get off at (insert joke here), there are no escalators - only stairs.

  • s.e.