Ind tour of Pak - after 15 years?

According to this BBC writeup, “This is arguably the ultimate rivalry in the sport and Pakistanis have not seen the Indians here since 1989.

While there hasn’t been a Indian tour, India HAS played in Pakistan during the late 90s.

Has my memory failed me?

I nominate this thread for the “Most Incomprehensible Thread Title Award” of the week.

To you, probably an American.

Actually, the title’s self-selective. Those who can answer the question will understand the title.

India played Pakistan threee times in 1999 (all in India) with Pakistan coming out on top 2-1. The Indian win featuring Anil Kumble’s 10-74.

They’re talking about cricket, dear. National teams “tour” other countries and play the host nation a few times at different stadia each time.

I am pretty sure that the series was tied at 1-1. Pakistan winning the first test at Chennai and India winning the next one at Delhi.

Scorecard and other info can be found

It should be a corking series. India’s batsmen against Pakistan’s bowlers, quite a match.

I really do think it’s the ultimate rivalry in world sport.

There may well be some “suprising” results too. Knoworrimean guv?

They also played in the Asian Test Championships where Pakistan won.