Independent Rants (July minirants)

If someone’s already started this month’s thread, I’m sorry I didn’t see it, and I did look.

I gave in and got one of those RFID triggered feeders for Shiva. So far it seems to be working okay, although I think it will take him a little time to get used to it, but I’ve discovered that his habit of pushing food up and out of his dish may make cleaning things a bit tricky, since the folding cover has managed to get some food in between its panels. When the food isn’t trapped, the lid is closed. When the lid is open, I can’t get to the food. How do I clean this thing?

Must be time to RTFM.

I may have to get a second one for my other cat, so that Shiva doesn’t eat Eddy’s food. This shit is expensive.

Christ on a crutch. The Jehovah’s Witnesses can’t go door-to-door now, so they’re cold calling people. I just ignored a call from someone I don’t recognize only to get a message from Xfinity that there’s a voice mail message for me. I read it and it’s a JW! Who is, apparently, very concerned for their neighbors, and surely I want to read their site …

JW cold calling is just not right. We get letters with very realistic “hand” written addresses, but so far the phone spam is all political ads.

Our housekeeper is retiring. A few years ago, I never even imagined I’d have a full time housekeeper and now I an wondering what we will do without one.

We are leaving the state, so even if we wanted to figure out a safe way to hire a new housekeeper, more than likely it would only be for a few months.

I might have to remember how to dust ceiling fans if nothing changes!

Have you decided where you’re going to, and is Tony coming with? Also, how are Buttercup and Steve’s kitten doing?

FUCK! I have tested positive for coronavirus. I’ve been feeling washed out for about a week, and I was running a slight temperature at dialysis on Wednesday. I checked into an urgent care clinic today for a Covid-19 test, and the result came back positive. I have to self-isolate for 10 days and make arrangements to go to a dialysis clinic specializing in treating Covid-19 patients. FUCK!

If you get an e-mail with the subject “Knock, Knock”, don’t open it - it’s a Jehovah’s Witness working from home.

Shit!! :frowning:

Well, shit. Sorry to hear that cochrane. I hope you have one of the asymptomatic versions…

Yeah, I hope you have an easy one. The whole having to go to a different clinic for your dialysis sucks.

Get well soon.

That’s shitty! Good luck!

If it’s not too personal, what kind of contact tracing work have they done with you?

I’m so sorry to hear it, Cochrane, I hope you just feel washed out and then recover. please keep us posted.

Good luck, cochrane, we’re all counting on you.

You beat it, man. We don’t need no more bad news around here.

man get better according to the pundits around here 98 percent of everyone survives it so there’s no need for worry … on a personal note … I wish when a certain person is on facebook on her phone or tablet I could say " why the hell are ya on there for ? " like how it happens ot me when im reading on the things on the pc

Get better. I mean it.

I hope you buck that crud and start feeling better soon.

Hope you win this battle, cochrane. We’ve had more than enough bad news this year.

So sorry, it sucks to have to change medical staff in mid treatment - getting to where you trust and like your team makes treatment more comfortable [and in many cases ones personal comfort can make treatment more effective] can be tricky. {{{{cochrane}}}}

Good thoughts, coshrane.

Let us know if you need someone to email you some chicken soup.