Indian Larry's Dead!

Did anyone else read this story:

RIP Indian Larry

I saw him a couple of times on Monster Garage and those Discovery Channel biker build-offs.

Too bad, he seemed like a pretty cool guy, at least he died doing what he loved to do.


That’s a shame. The man had a way with metal.

I always worry whenever I see someone riding a bike without a helmet.

good evening friends,

i am sorry that indian larry is gone. he built some tremendous bikes.

one valuable service he performed: my boss came to work one morning and told the office staff “there was a guy on the discover channel last night that makes longhair look like a bank president!”

Sorry to hear it. I liked his personality and his work.

That’s a horrible waste. Remember kids, if you die because you weren’t wearing your helmet, it was worth it to look cool while you were alive. Who needs those extra years of living?