Indiana Jones' journal mystery solved

If you’ve been following the recent mystery at the University of Chicago, the case has been solved.

From the original Redeye article:

The explanation

The journal and packaging originated from Guam, where an Ebay seller who specializes in replica Indiana Jones props sent it off to the highest bidder who lives in Italy. On its way, the smaller package, addressed to Indy at U. of C., fell out of a larger package. Not realizing what had happened, USPS apparently inserted the correct zip code and shipped it to Chicago.

They must have had top men working on this one. Top. Men.

Is that a three dollar bill in the pictures? Hilarious.

I heard about this on NPR’s All Things Considered the day before yesterday. I hadn’t heard of it before. It sounds extremely unlikely, but hilarious.

Is the guy who made it paying royalties to Lucasfilm? You’d think they’d be interested, but would love the free publicity.

Should have sent it to The Marx Brothers.

That’s a little pedestrian of an explanation. Where are the snakes, spiders, gun fights, car crashes, and Nazis?

That is awesome, and I bet will boost that guys sales.

The guy from Guam used to be one of the gang on Bill Handel’s morning show on KFI. They’re getting a big kick out of Paul The Wall’s new-found fame.



Since the journal was sent to Chicago, I suppose that the Nazis would be somewhere in Illinois.

I myself have never cared much for Illinois Nazis.