Why is Indiana Jones being hounded outside his office in The Last Crusade

is it because he is famous or because he didn’t grade papers and students want to talk to him

Not having seen the movie in several years, I’m not sure. If I had to guess, I’d say the latter.

I always assumed it was because he’s always out gallavanting around, and the students are pissed because he’s been neglecting his work.

He’s the most popular lecturer on campus, and yet he finds as many excuses as possible to never be there.

Maybe that’s why he’s popular. If the professor doesn’t show up, you don’t have to do any work…

The female students were trying to marry him. I found it rather odd that there were male students waiting in line, but maybe he teaches at SFU or Berkely or something.

Barnett College, NY, is the university where Indy lectures.

Indy seems like an “in the field” type of academic and probably despises paperwork, grading, etc. He lectures because he could talk about his passion all day, and because it’s the bare minimum required by the dean, but when it comes to explaining to an undergrad why they got a C on their last paper, he’d rather escape out the window. Nice work if you can get it - funded by his school to go on year-long [del]adventures[/del] sabbaticals to [del]desecrate[/del] rob graves.

Missed the gay joke?

No, I was just being nerdy.

OK then, carry on.


This may sound unusual, but can I have this for my signature? I think people don’t get that I understand the joke, but am treating it seriously for “fun.”

I cannot lay claim of copyright on such a nebulous sentence, so feel free.

Yes, this was my interpretation of the scene as well. I thought it was a joke about university dynamics: how much undergrads need hand-holding and attention, and how professors would rather Just Get On With Things and talk/write about their passions.

Some comedian does great bit about how the students of that college always want to take Dr. Jones’ class because it keeps getting cancelled whenever the Nazis find some kind of artifact.

It would be great if somebody who remembers who that comedian is (I heard him on Bob and Tom) and could link to the bit somewhere.

That would be impressionist Mike MacRae.

He doesn’t have grad students for that kind of stuff?!


Here’s a video of him doing that bit

My dad got a kick out of that scene. He went to Ripon College around the same time as Harrison Ford did (Ford’s 3 years older than my dad), and the other professor he mentions during his lecture was a real Ripon College professor at the time. (“Archaeology is the search for fact… not truth. If it’s truth you’re looking for, Dr. Tyree’s philosophy class is right down the hall.”)

No, my dad never met Harrison, but if Harrison went to any football games his senior year, he saw my dad. :slight_smile:

As a former student of one of these types of academics, I’m going to side with this. One lecture ran long, through a fire alarm, because we hadn’t covered a few points about Pierre Chaplais (he was in the French Resistance and drove a Triumph). On the other hand, you could never get him by email and he knew maybe five of our names, compared to our other lecturers who knew us all by name.