Induction loop for the home?

My father is getting rather deaf but still enjoys the TV. Unfortunately he has to have it on quite loud. In cinemas they have an induction loop so people with hearing aids can hear better. How do I create one for my parents?

Looks like they’re available as small systems for home installation. The hearing aid must have a “T” setting in order to work with these settings.

Not sure about that but you may find it simpler to get a set of wireless headphones.

Errrr…these systems

MY father has, but will not use, a set of headphones.

Some of the material I gathered for a customer here may be of interest to you.

Try before you buy. I have a pair.
They get hot like a pair of earmuffs in warm weather. :rolleyes:

I’m getting a bit deaf and have to turn up the sound or keep asking my family members to explain what was just said, and they hate it.
Quartz, are you one of my daughters?

Thanks, PinkFreud.

A U.K. link. Looks cheap enough that we can afford for the experiment to fail.