Inexpensive hosting for true streaming of flv?

My company is looking for an inexpensive way to serve true streaming flv (not progressive download). I know that Limelight and Akamai are the usual suspects, but:

  • we don’t have that much video content (around .5GB content stored, largest flv is 40MB, we usually transfer 2GB a month but at one time of the year it tends to approach 20). This really would be, I think, a job too small for them.
  • We also don’t have the budget.

I’ve seen a number of companies that can meet our needs for $100/month, which would probably be acceptable. FLV Hosting and Upstream Networks are a couple I have read about.

Anybody have any experience with these? Or have something better they can recommend?

I’ve seen some PHP code for streaming flv files that would not require any special hosting outside of a normal hosting account with php if you want to go very small scale.

I think I came across information about using php to stream by googling: streaming FLV php

Thanks for reminding me about that. I remember reading about this too, and will check it out again. I’m driving a fairly crummy rig at work - no support for PHP or any runtime server-side scripting whatsoever :eek:. But now that I’ve got to look to outside hosting anyway, it may be worth a look.

[sub]Question is, is my scale “very small” enough to work with this approach?[/sub]